Too Confusing!

When there are duplicates, I get confused. Mostly about, "didn't I already share a story about this already?" or "Didn't I do this blogthings quiz before?" Normally, I wouldn't care about this and just repeat myself. But these stories are to entertain my best pals and myself on Skype day. And I don't want to bore poor Philip with repeat stories. =p

So, this is why I don't like duplicate EP groups. :-/

ALSO, it's very confusing, when I am trying to join a group for the first time... and I see about five or more groups on the same subject. I hesitate for a moment and try to figure out which one do I join! The only difference is the number of people in the groups and the way it's titled. So I have to make up my mind... do I "like" or "love" something? And do I want to be in the group that has the item's name in quotations or the group without it? Or do I want to join the group with hundreds of members... or the group with only twelve people in it? It's silly... but I take all choices seriously. =p

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Mar 26, 2009