I Hate Food

I hate what food does to me. Being able to say "I skipped a meal" feels so good... I couldn't stop drinking so I gave that up. I want to do the same with food.

They say that a person must eat or they'll starve and die. I say, maybe that's not true. Maybe a person can just stop eating, live on water and be fine.

I'm willing to try it. Don't bother saying anything negative about it, I'll delete it.

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1 Response Feb 9, 2009

i feel exactly the same way. ppl say you'll actually GAIN weight in the process, but how come all these ppl are so tiny? i doubt that i true and i feel as if its just a hoax to have you eating again. everyone says you HAVE to eat. no. i really dont. my therapist tells me that all the time and i just think, "No, Ive gotten along just fine without food and i have no *forget word* that i will stop."