I Dont Like Having to Eat

i dont like having to eat, its just like shoving stuff in your mouth and swallowing it and then it makes you fat. i hate it, its just horrible and wich we didnt have to do it.
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2 Responses Aug 15, 2007

Biologics in general are gross. One time I did an experiment where I was trying to see if I didn't drink liquids and just ate grapes for water and ate minimally, adjusting to find exactly the amount I needed to stay alive with no overages, then maybe I theoretically could stop going to the bathroom all together and well, it didn't work. The experimen lasted nearly a month. I would feel like I REALLY had to pee even though when I finally went only one really dark drop would come out. We are what we are I guess. <br />
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If I could become just a thinking cloud on the internet with no body I would.

i know what you mean.. this always happens to me at family gatherings. and my family accuses me of not eating which is not true. i just dont like eating what i dont like eating cuz i just get FAT.