I Hate Her!

Okay, where to start..........?

Well, she's too gay-proud. I mean, she might as well just scream the fact out to the whole universe!! Her show just makes me scream rude comments at the tv. She gets on my nerves!! And don't think I just hate her because she's gay. Because I think Neil Patrick Harris is an amazing actor. And I hadn't even known he was gay until my parents told me. And that didn't change my opinion of him.

My whole family hates Ellen too. On American Idol, Casey and Michael sang the song "Have you ever really loved a woman" and the FIRST thing Ellen says is "Yes I have really ever loved a woman". The audience then started clapping for her. Who in the right mind would clap for HER?

And, it really makes me mad that Ellen is like taking the part of Simon on American Idol, I mean, they're like gayalizing (i just made that word up) the whole show! She's probably going to give all the girls-she thinks are hot-good comments!! It gets on my nerves! What a waste of a soul.
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Ellen never has been and never will be funny. Forget about the homosexual issue,, her show on ABC was not funny.. They axed it,, she bitched,,, she got another one. Really thou,, her standup was not that funny as well.. She has used her sexual preference as a door opener,, pure and simple as that..<br />
Case closed.

Where to start...?<br />
Your argument is feeble and, upon inspection, reveals only one thing, you are a moron. Words cannot describe the degree to which people such as yourself irritate me. <br />
Congratulations, of course liking Neil Patrick Harris qualifies you as a decent human being.<br />
Your whole family hates Ellen. Perhaps you have the wish to be like them, or maybe you are too much of an impressionable idiot to form your own opinions?<br />
You claim you are not homophobic, yet you hate that they are 'gayalizing' Idol. You also immediately assume that Ellen will respond differently to any straight judges on Idol. Shouldn't they also be encouraging the girls they think are hot?<br />
What a waste of a soul? She has achieved amazing things, more than you may ever achieve. <br />
Before you make such an idiotic statement, think. Well, at least, try your best. It appears thought is difficult for you.

Why the hell would you come here...did it say come on in ellen lovers and argue with the chat...No it said I HATE ELLEN...go to the rainbow bridge and jump off

Funny how you were bitching about freedom of speech in another thread.