Worst Comedian Ever.

I have SO much loathing for Ellen Degenerate.  She's full of herself, and totally not funny.  Stupid humor from an egomaniac.

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4 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Natural is something not forced its would be unnatural for gays to like opposite sex its just the way they are

Why would someone post love for her in an I hate ellen chat....Stir the pot ellen lovers...get the hell out of here and let us hate her in peace.

you guys are so amateur!!! stop wasting your time and get a life!!! this behaviour proves that u worth nothing but a piece of rubbish!!!! i feel sorry for u, since u dont have a life, instead u have no future no dream, basically nothing, actually im sorry u have rubbish!! good luck with your useless life :)

I work for a major news company...how dare you say such bullshit....you need to stop following the herd and get a life yourself...this world is not going to hold hands and sing kumbia...idiot..we have the god given right to express our opinions...get out of here if you dont like it...you would walk onto a battlefield and say..you guys are stupid...get a life yourself.

"I'm pretending to be somebody! How DARE you infer that my life isn't fulfilling!"

Well everybody doesn't like something and maybe for you it is her...Hugs, LW

Wow a human being exist out there...Thank You understanding not everyone likes her...My reasons are beyond her being gay which I am also against cause if gay was right than no babies would be born and or race would die off...being gay is not natural....also she did covergirl being an animal rights activist..it only takes a second to find out on the web they abuse animals testing their stupid makeup....but I bet the money was louder...she is a *****.

first of all no one's perfect, for you to say it's not natural that's b*******. sorry but you're ignorant !

That is the most idiotic argument against homosexuality ever. As I've pointed out in another thread, if everyone were either one sex or infertile, we'd have no babies. You know what really ISN'T natural? Homogeneity.