First American Idol Now Covergirl Ads?

she needs to dress better for the cover girl ads not to mention american idol..

BellaTwilight BellaTwilight
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4 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Yeah she claims to be an animal activist yet cover girl has been caught testing animals...and if you luv ellen, get out of here , this is not a place for you...goto the I wish I could climb in ellens *** and kiss it all over...pukes

YOU STUPID ******* ***** *** ***** **** YOU SHES PERFECT.

YOU STUPID ******* ***** *** ***** **** YOU SHES PERFECT.

i agree she is sooo perfect unlike the rubbish miamia98

I cannot stand her or her lefty liberal views to suit her own needs when it suits her. She is the most arrogantly opinionated pratt I have ever had time to consume my pretzels to. She is a vindictive person with too much time on her hands oh yeah and she looks like a man. She should start shaving.