OMG!!!! I Cannot Take It Anymore!!!!

You know it's not even the spam e-mails that bother me. Like the "you have just 13million in the British Lottery" It's the damn ones that intelligent people send out! Do you really believe that putting your PIN in backwards will summon the police??!?!?! No, but you might get shot by the person trying to steal your money at the ATM. I absolutely hate the dead body emails... For one that's someone's child. For two, what if the story attached is true? Just as bad, what if it's not? I recieved an email today about a man in Brazil supposedly being brutally murdered in a prison for raping a four month old BABY. I could never in good concious foward that. But I did search Fox and CNN for it. (Mostly because I am an *** and want to know the truth about everything.) Well in fact a man did rape an 18 month old BABY in brazil. I just don't understand how someone could send that in an email... By the way here's the link for the news story,2933,258561,00.html I simply pasted the story and a picture of the girl and sent it back to my friend and asked for her not to send fowards to me... This probably doesn't make any sense!! I think that I am just ranting!! Oh well... Sorry I had to share such a sad story with you all...
PaperRoses PaperRoses
18-21, F
Jul 2, 2007