So Much

They're just pathetically full of themselves and the most pestering part for me is the fact they like to define themselves by what's WRONG with them. And they're so passive aggressive. And melodramatic! They believe no one understands or can relate to them and their problems. They are just pathetic children. It's as if they believe depression is something to aspire to be or suicidal feelings are "cool"! It's such asininity. And ALL of them believe...out of all the BILLIONS of ******* people which inhabit this planet they are the most cursed. And they believe none of these people, NONE can relate, help or can't even possibly understand. They also believe they are incredibly mature and so...tortured but brilliant. It's disgusting. I ******* hate Emos. So full of themselves, so ANNOYING!
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Wow Jad3all3n3 a majority of emos dont even have problems! Theyre just doing it to get attention! And IF there are REAL emo people in this world, then they wouldnt dress dark and stupid, they wouldnt cut themselves, and they woul ACTUALLY do something about their problems! Its not stereotypical, ITS THE TRUTH! Yeesh, some people are too dum and drowning in selfpity

And you are so full of ignorance and stereotypical views, aren't you? You wouldn't stop liking Americans because you HEARD they were pathetic, and which some of them are, but if you heard that I garauntee you'd continue to like the American spirit. So why's it right to judge people like this? Think about it.