Stupid Cutters

Emo, is a genre. I like the music, But I hate people who call themselves emo, and I expecially hate people who cut themselves, and pretend to have problems. All they want is attention.

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God what is wrong with society and people these days? Yes some people do cut for attention but others dont. Others actually have mental illnesses and thats how they cope. Dont judge us all just because there are a few who fake it for attention

actually no they don't cut for attention

By putting this out there, you're the one who's looking for attention. So what if people are emo? I'm emo, and proud. People cut to express their pain, it's not like they wave their scars in your face and say "oh look, I cut". You are so narrow-minded.

Thank God someone other than me stands up for people like us!

i agree with you

Then you hate me. I have 'Post-traumatic stress disorder' and i cut myself. I'm not an emo.. I just can't handle my feelings. The people who cut are strong youknow. They're still alive.

We don't do it for attention or why would we try so hard to hide it and also if we don't pretend to have problems im pretty sure no one cuts for attention why put yourself thru pain

sadly I do know someone that cuts only for attention, but that doesn't make us all like that.

If they didn't want attention they wouldn't tell people or make it so blatantly obvious

not all do. just the ones that actually do It for attention! POINT PROVEN!!!!!!!!!

Us cutters are not attention seekers. Why would we do that to ourselves to get attention? We don't. When we cut, we try to hide it from everyone because we don't want to be called "emo", "attention seekers" and other things. So stop saying that people who cut just want attention, because we don't want attention, we want all the pain to go away. Thats it.

I know a girl who cuts and I thought your response was useful but I'm worried about her because I've seen the cuts ,she doesn't want to go to the councilor and sometimes when she doesn't have a blade she runs the cuts under water and re opens them. How can I help her without seeming patronizing?

Sparklebean, all that you can do is stay by her side. I was the same way, always cutting and re-opening my cuts, and all my family and friends were worried bout me and trying to get me to go get help. But I didn't want help at the time. So they keep telling me how all the scars will stay an how my children will see them and ask what they are and me not wanting them to know. Just tell your friend that there's more to life than hurting themselves and sooner or later she will stop because she will see that she has someone who cares a lot about her. Don't leave her side ever it she will just simply give up.

Really! You really need to be quiet. They are not looking for attention! This is just mean. Don't judge people, you have no clue what they're going through so just be quiet.

I understand where u r coming from but not all cutters only cut for attention! 99% of the time there is a reason other than that. so plz consider things b4 posting things that will offend people like me. with all do respect. =)

It's good that you've never felt this way. That means you haven't felt the pain. But I think its sad that you would consider this as a 'trend' or 'fashion' cause most of the time is not. I try to hide them cause I hate my scars. I don't want them on my body, I don't want to feel this way. But you will never understand until it happens to you. Behind every eye is a story, these people are slowly dying inside. I'm going through it and it's not funny at all. It's like living hell. Don't make fun of it cause it's beyond what you know. It's easy to know who's faking it, but hard to know who isn't.

I'm not going to attack you, I just want to know why. Some people really do have problems and they feel like a razor is the only thing keeping them sane. The cut to make sure the pain that they feel inside is real. Maybe you don't understand and that's okay, not everyone does. Just please think twice before you say you hate cutters. That's labeling. Thats like saying I hate all white people. Or I hate all hispanics. It just isn't okay and offensive to someone people. I don't support what you think but I do accept the fact that you entitled to your own opinion.



You must relax, some people just don't understand sometimes. It's just sick to hear but good to know they haven't been through it. I'm glad they don't have to feel pain. But shocked to see that they don't care.

i have depression,anxiety,anger i have to take medication for all this. and i cut. I DONT label myself as "emo" i consider myself danielle. but understand people go through very hard times. and you don't know their story. YES there are some attention seekers but not all are like that. I'm not going to call you names or anything i just want to let you know calmly and not trying to pitch a fight, nor am i mad just maybe try to get you to see differently. :)

u have no idea how it feels to be in so much pain, tht u cut to just cover up the inner pain! ur being stupid! DON'T TALK AGAINST SOMETHING U KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!!!!!! thank u so much, ur freakin triggering! damn it! u don't know us cutters! keep ur opinions to ur self!

Can you **** off! Thats all I have to say to you!

we don't want attention and don't pretend to have problems. And i have never head a person that self harms call themselves 'Emo'

This post is really pathetic because my honest opinion is right now your the one who's looking for attention.

How can you hate them when you don't even know them. If its such an attention seeking thing, then why do most of them always wear long sleeves and cover it up and get antsy when someone spots them. Can you tell me this? Some people actually do have problems and its their only way to cope. You have no idea what some people go through, so you have no reason to be speaking

The only thing i dont underatand is why you HATE them.. wouldnt you want to help us?, yes i cut. But that doesnt mean its for attention.. its because i feel like i deserve to be punished for being so worth, stupid, ugly, ect. But even when i didnt cut.. i still respected the people who did. I want to help people and make them happy because i want them to have that.. even if i dont.. please try to understand. And then maybe you wouldnt be so rude about it all.. all im saying is, dont criticize what you cant understand...

I agree, because you don't know what people go through and it ****** me off to know that there are so many judgemental ***** out there.

Hi, not be disrespectful or anything but, I cut and I'm not looking for attention. Some cutters actually DO do it for attention but, if I wanted attention, why would so many of us hide it with long sleeves in the middle of summer and not swimming on one of the hottest day of the year because they have cuts on the parts that show. How do you know they 'pretend to have promises' when you're not in their shoes? My story is this, I've been abused, bullies, heartbroken, depressed, and killed emotionally. I have OCD, many family problems, and all of the people I know hate me.

You have no heart, let alone have brain. It's absolutely none of your business and you are NO ONE to judge people who self harm. Who would "pretend" to have problems? Who would want attention because of self harm? That would only attract people like you, people that do not understand and never will. I hope you mature, I really do and that in the future when you have children and they are struggling, you can be there for them, without having to act like a total asshat.

I hate you and i dont say anything, you dont eveen know what that persons that cut themselves pass, what they feel nor think. Do you think is funny that someone in the street comes with you and tells you "I hate you" and that person dosent eveen knows you? Well that is go million of people feel when they read this stupid post. Do dont know what that person is passing throung, you are only saying a lot of bullishit, please dont juzges persons that you dont eveen know, because words hurt too, words hurt more that anything, so please shut up, nobody ask for your opinion.

hey, I guess everyone thinks differently about some things, but as I've met actually some people that do cut and as I've cut myself for quite some time, most of them do not do this for attention, they just need a way to cope with all the things happening each day. It doesn't matter if this is depression, bullying, anxiety, problems at home, an eating disorder, friends you need to take care of or just any other reason - they can't deal with any or all of this and so they try to find comfort and a way out. And some people start cutting. It doesn't make them attention seekers (and most try to hide their cuts and scars...), it doesn't make them freaks or anything else, they're just people like you and me, people with some serious problems and people who want respect and support. And believe me, it doesn't help if you tell them how stupid and pathetic they are.

For starters I cut and ik talk to people who cut we do not ******* cut for attention we cut to get rid of mental pain when we cut we forget are mental problems and pain so don't ever say we cut for freaking attention OK say again I will hunt you done and deal with

Telling someone to stop cutting is like telling someone with a broken leg to run to the hospital. It's painful and sad. But it's not pathetic or stupid

I cut one time. I didn't know what else to resort to. No one helped or noticed I was hurt. I'm not doing it again though. But does that make me pethetic? Worthless? Hated?

No it does not. Do not listen to this girl or anyone else what so ever. You are amazing and you are worth something. DONT EVER let people bring you down, because when they do, it only means your above them. (: You are loved. You are special. You are one in a million.

If we do it for attention, why do we always want to cover our bodies where the scars/cuts are?Unless you have experienced what myself and many others have experienced just shut up, you have no clue what it's like.

Who the **** are you to say that they do it for attention? and that they're stupid? maybe one of your colleges cuts too. Or maybe another person that you know well and like. you simply don't know. and you know why? because they usually hide it. and they do it very well. they have plenty of excuses when you ask questions. And most people believe all of them. cutters don't cut for attention. they cut because they have some serious problems. That can be rape or something serious but it can also be something as just can't live with yourself because they think they are too ugly to exist. and they're not definitely not, the people who call them they're ugly are. and the cutters usually dont really talk about their problems because they don't ave anyone to talk to or think that they have no one to talk to or just don't want to bother other people. that's why most people cut. and cutting is a serious issue it's a serious problem and WHO THE **** ARE YOU TO JUDGE THEM. they're already having a hard time.. so don't you dare calling a cutter ugly stupid worthless or an attention seeker! Selfharm is no joke......

i understand but there are a lot of people who do have things to worry about and deal with but i do know people who show literally everybody and its disturbing and triggering