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Stupid Cutters

Emo, is a genre. I like the music, But I hate people who call themselves emo, and I expecially hate people who cut themselves, and pretend to have problems. All they want is attention.

maddii1423 maddii1423 18-21, F 110 Responses Aug 22, 2009

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Are you ******* kidding me? It's dumb ***** like you and half the people commenting on your piece of **** post that make me want to give up on humanity. I'm not justifying slef-harm by any means, but what the **** gives you the right to judge others on how they cope with their problems? And how the hell do YOU know if they have problems or not? It's hard for people to get help. Sometimes they're young and can't face their parents so self-harm seems like the easiest solution. Sometimes people are afraid to seek help because of judgemental ***holes like you. Physical pain releases endorphins in your brain that soothe you and make you feel good. It's your body's natural reaction to pain and some people would rather feel physical pain than emotional pain and, again, who are you to judge that person? You have no clue what that person is going through so why don't you shut the **** up and quit acting like you know everything.

What I don't get is that why perfectly capable human beings would rather physically harm themselves than get actual help, perhaps therapy. There are so many people worse off than you and you think your life is so bad. I understand bullying, being raped are not nice things that can really lower self esteem levels but there is therapy and if you are not willing to take it then you should be put in a straight jacket, why? Because you are a danger to yourself and other people. Why cut yourself when you are able to walk into a therapy session and make a better life for yourself. I understand people with mental disorders can't stop cutting, schizophrenics for example. You are able to stop yourself but you decide to stay home and slit your wrists when people that care and want to help you are still waiting with open arms. If you are the person who refuses to get up and actually help yourself then you need a life check.

How would you know if they dont have problems. You know their names .. not their stories or lives. I think that your being really rude and disrespectful.

Why does people keep saying that cutters are attention seekers ? Why does people think that we have no problems ?
But what if we don't seek for attention ? What if we do have problems that YOU don't know about ?
If we're attention seekers, then why do we hide our scars ? Why can't you accept us the way we are ? How does me cutting ruin YOUR fxcking perfect apple pie life ? My self harming isn't none of your frixking business, so just leave us alone. Is it really that hard to just let it go ? Why do you have to make it even worse ? Do you realize how easy it is to someone to kill themselves ? It isn't that difficult you know ?
If you see someone with scars, never- i mean NEVER ask them why, don't start to mock them and call them names or tell everybody, don't tell them to stop. Hug them. Tight. Cause that's what everyone needs. To know that you're not worthless, that there's somebody that cares.
If you have a problem with self harm then fxck you. Hope you have a shxtty day.

I agree with you 1000% !

The reason some people see emos as attention seekers is because they post it all over the internet! The ones that post all over the internet never seem to get help and don't seem to have any REAL problems.

Yea well that's their problem. Cause there's so many ppl with ACTUAL problems. Not all of us want attention.

This makes me laugh, I don't call myself "emo".. It's just another label, we're all human. I do cut however, I cut because of people like you, I cut because of many reasons. I DO NOT cut for attention. Yes, hate me all you want. I don't care, go sit in the line of people that hate me. Honestly, you're stupid. You be someone who cuts, (Don't even say ''ewwie I don't want to be a fggt like dem.) how would you like seeing this crap. People hating on you because of what you do to YOUR body, it's our body, we make the decisions. So stop, like literally. Stop labeling, stop all of this. You hate people you don't even know. Do you see how stupid you sound? Okay? Okay.
Now, honey, you're the attention seeker.

You are mutilating a perfectly good body because you're ******* depressed yet you do nothing to ******* help yourself. You have a ******* phone yet you want call the hot lines that they have to help people like you. To talk to people like you so you don't have to ******* hurt yourself.

It's really cute how you think we cut for attention. Enlighten me, how is one attention seeking for feeling enough pain to want to prove to themselves that they are as worthless and "problemless" in your words, to drag a blade across their arms, or their legs, putting their life at risk of ending. It takes a lot of pain for someone to do that, and it's people like you who make people cut. You are so ignorant, as is everyone else who makes someone feel so bad about themselves to the point they want to end their lives. It's people like you who are desperate enough for attention to go as far as pull out and pick on the people who feel bad enough about themselves to harm themselves in such a way. Obviously you don't know what it's like to hate yourself so much. You know why? I'm sure that your entire life you've had people tell you how beautiful you are. We are the people that have been called out for not being good enough. If people are just as beautiful because they wear too much makeup and skimpy clothing, the truly beautiful people are tossed aside as not perfect enough because they do not over-do the makeup and beauty products.
I'm sorry, who's attention seeking?

Actually you are wrong. You mad because people "like us" generalize you. You're generalizing us. No one has ever told me how beautiful or pretty I am and frankly I don't have the body or looks of someone who would be considered beautiful either. My parents have made me feel like crap and so have others. I know I'm way to sensitive and cry at the slightest criticism. Hell my mom has even called me fat (not because she hates me but because she wants me to live a healthier life style. People bullied me my first year of high school. There are many times when I feel worthless. Life's not fair for me. I work hard and have found myself looked over by people who are not qualified for it and got it simply because they have more connections and that makes me feel like I'm not good enough. All of that yet not ONCE have I EVER concerned hurting myself. I don't have the right to feel sorry for myself when I have what impoverished people would kill for. Those people don't have the money or the resources to get the help they need yet they don't slit their wrists. Then there are people like you. People who feel the to go on tumblr and these other social media sites and host a huge pity party for yourself by saying you want to kill yourself or posting pics of your cuts. The same internet that you use to post that stuff can be used to find help to talk to people that can keep you from hurting yourself. That phone can be used to call hot line services to find someone to talk to so you don't have to cut yourself. Better yet! You could use the Internet to find things that make you fricking happy or make you feel a little better when something bad happens or you feel upset. Rather than find something positive in life or find help you sit there and wallow in your own self pity and blood rather than trying to make it better for yourself, even if it means getting help. You have the means to do it yet you sit their and complain about how no one cares about you when people are offering help. If you wanted help, If you wanted things to be better for yourself, you would get that help. You wouldn't focus on the negative about yourself and your situation. But you don't want help which is what makes it pathetic. You feel sorry for yourself when there are people that don't know where their next meal is coming from. People who have to decide which kid gets to eat tonight yet these people find a way to get through these times without mutilating their body. It's because they know that harming themselves doesn't solve the fricking problem or make their current situation any better!

Wow, you've never cut yourself. Congratulations. Would you like a cookie? How about some advice instead? Why don't you shut the **** up and quit calling people "pathetic" and judging how other people live their lives. And you really think telling someone that their problems are irrelevant and don't matter because someone else has it much worse is supposed to make them feel better? God, I hope you never have kids. It's ignorant people like you that really **** me off. I don't normally comment on threads like this, but some of you people seriously need help. I'm not saying that cutters shouldn't get help, because they do. Self-harm isn't healthy and it is addictive and escalates over time, but I'm not going to be an insensitive ***hole like you and put someone else down who already has enough problems on their hands. Learn how to be a decent human being. Please.

people who cuts themself don't search for attention but for help.... i mean, im emo but i dont cut myself, and what now? you know what emo is like? emo is a style, just it ok? so dont judge what u dont know, or what u dont feel ok?

I don't cut for attention some do and don't like people like that ether

Why do you cut then?

In the minds, it's another way of letting out stress and whatnot.

There are other ways to release stress besides destroying your body.

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shut the f up u lying piece of shi*

I write poetry for attention.

Cutting is so stupid. I hate people who act like they have a problem that's worse than everyone else's problem. Most people have worse problems than them yet they cut. I've been bullied, I know what it's like to feel worthless, yet I've never cut or thought of suicide. There are starving African children who would rather be in cutters position. If you ask a cutter if they'd like to switch places with the millions of people who have it worse they'd most likely refuse. Cutting is a problem if you have been diognosed with depression or something . Not if your upset. Bottom line cutter need to GROW UP.

I understand your logic, but it still isn't applicable. The authenticity of our problems is not determined by the relative severity of our surroundings, but rather our coping mechanisms for dealing with them. What is heaven for some, might be hell for others. The bottom line is, there should be no personal judgement of one's situation that would keep you from reaching out to them. Even for people who do it for attention you shouldn't disregard them as being people who simply don't need help. Above all, arguing that someone doesn't have a right to be sad because others may have it worse, is no more ridiculous than arguing that someone doesn't have a right to be happy because others may have it better. Emotions are not harnessed with logic.

Although you say that it is acceptable for people who are depressed to cut, they cut because they are feeling pain, in some form, and cutting is their method of coping. People who do not have depression cut for the same reasons, and dismissing their feelings as fake, or just for attention can lead to depression. Believe me, I know.

I was once a cutter, for about two years there wasn't a day where I didn't have a fresh wound somewhere. I would cut when I got frustrated, when I got sad, when I got lonely. But that was a while ago. I will be one year cut-free next month and you know what? Cutting is stupid. Looking back I realize how idiotic I was being. It the beginning it was all for attention, that's why the first scars are on my wrists. Anyone who cuts and has no actual mental condition screws over the ones that do need real help. People with disorders that drive them to cutting need help. So to all attention cutters, my past self included, stop. I'm ashamed of what I did and you will be too.

You, my narrow minded friend, are an idiot.

God what is wrong with society and people these days? Yes some people do cut for attention but others dont. Others actually have mental illnesses and thats how they cope. Dont judge us all just because there are a few who fake it for attention

actually no they don't cut for attention

By putting this out there, you're the one who's looking for attention. So what if people are emo? I'm emo, and proud. People cut to express their pain, it's not like they wave their scars in your face and say "oh look, I cut". You are so narrow-minded.

Thank God someone other than me stands up for people like us!

i agree with you

Then you hate me. I have 'Post-traumatic stress disorder' and i cut myself. I'm not an emo.. I just can't handle my feelings. The people who cut are strong youknow. They're still alive.

We don't do it for attention or why would we try so hard to hide it and also if we don't pretend to have problems im pretty sure no one cuts for attention why put yourself thru pain

sadly I do know someone that cuts only for attention, but that doesn't make us all like that.

If they didn't want attention they wouldn't tell people or make it so blatantly obvious

not all do. just the ones that actually do It for attention! POINT PROVEN!!!!!!!!!

Us cutters are not attention seekers. Why would we do that to ourselves to get attention? We don't. When we cut, we try to hide it from everyone because we don't want to be called "emo", "attention seekers" and other things. So stop saying that people who cut just want attention, because we don't want attention, we want all the pain to go away. Thats it.

I know a girl who cuts and I thought your response was useful but I'm worried about her because I've seen the cuts ,she doesn't want to go to the councilor and sometimes when she doesn't have a blade she runs the cuts under water and re opens them. How can I help her without seeming patronizing?

Sparklebean, all that you can do is stay by her side. I was the same way, always cutting and re-opening my cuts, and all my family and friends were worried bout me and trying to get me to go get help. But I didn't want help at the time. So they keep telling me how all the scars will stay an how my children will see them and ask what they are and me not wanting them to know. Just tell your friend that there's more to life than hurting themselves and sooner or later she will stop because she will see that she has someone who cares a lot about her. Don't leave her side ever it she will just simply give up.

Really! You really need to be quiet. They are not looking for attention! This is just mean. Don't judge people, you have no clue what they're going through so just be quiet.

I understand where u r coming from but not all cutters only cut for attention! 99% of the time there is a reason other than that. so plz consider things b4 posting things that will offend people like me. with all do respect. =)

It's good that you've never felt this way. That means you haven't felt the pain. But I think its sad that you would consider this as a 'trend' or 'fashion' cause most of the time is not. I try to hide them cause I hate my scars. I don't want them on my body, I don't want to feel this way. But you will never understand until it happens to you. Behind every eye is a story, these people are slowly dying inside. I'm going through it and it's not funny at all. It's like living hell. Don't make fun of it cause it's beyond what you know. It's easy to know who's faking it, but hard to know who isn't.

I'm not going to attack you, I just want to know why. Some people really do have problems and they feel like a razor is the only thing keeping them sane. The cut to make sure the pain that they feel inside is real. Maybe you don't understand and that's okay, not everyone does. Just please think twice before you say you hate cutters. That's labeling. Thats like saying I hate all white people. Or I hate all hispanics. It just isn't okay and offensive to someone people. I don't support what you think but I do accept the fact that you entitled to your own opinion.



You must relax, some people just don't understand sometimes. It's just sick to hear but good to know they haven't been through it. I'm glad they don't have to feel pain. But shocked to see that they don't care.

i have depression,anxiety,anger i have to take medication for all this. and i cut. I DONT label myself as "emo" i consider myself danielle. but understand people go through very hard times. and you don't know their story. YES there are some attention seekers but not all are like that. I'm not going to call you names or anything i just want to let you know calmly and not trying to pitch a fight, nor am i mad just maybe try to get you to see differently. :)

u have no idea how it feels to be in so much pain, tht u cut to just cover up the inner pain! ur being stupid! DON'T TALK AGAINST SOMETHING U KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!!!!!! thank u so much, ur freakin triggering! damn it! u don't know us cutters! keep ur opinions to ur self!

Can you **** off! Thats all I have to say to you!

we don't want attention and don't pretend to have problems. And i have never head a person that self harms call themselves 'Emo'