I Think They Ruined Pain

pain used to be legit. it used to be real. it used to be something that was actually serious. it was not dispensable, and having a psychological problem never used to be worn as a medal. 

now i cant describe if ive gone through a hard time in my life without looking emo. i cant talk about bad things going on with me without thinking am i turning into one of those kids who say things to make it look like they have problems without even realising cos they know they get a good reaction from their peers. now i cant go to a psychiatrist or mental health nurses office and describe problems im having without getting paranoid and thinking "am i making this look like i have problems and i dont really? am i subconsciously making it look like i have problems because i know that the people who do get medicated and people put their medicated problem as the reason why their life is so ****** up and their doing such stupid **** like running away?"

I am sick and ******* tired of clicking on a youtube video of a sad song written by an emo band or a person who writes really sad songs like Katy Rose and then along with that song seeing pictures of girls with their hair dyed black and wearing chequerboard pattern wristbands walking along a train track or sprawled across the train track or with blood pouring down their wrists with words cut into their arms. its all the ******* same, and what especially ****** me off is the girls in these videos are always perfect and beautiful looking. UGLY PEOPLE FEEL PAIN TOO! pain isnt always beautiful.

ImJustPeachy ImJustPeachy
18-21, F
Mar 15, 2010