Manipulate Will Come Back.....

  When I sense some is trying to do this to me, I let them think they are getting away with it for a while, let them think they are winning in their selfish game...then it is my turn....I will turn it back on them twice as bad...totally mind screw them....teach them a lesson for even trying that in the first place.....I am generally a very open and easy going person...but when it comes to mind games like that, not so nice of a person....
  I dislike people who even think they can do this to others...makes me hate them as a person, for if this is what they do, what is to like about them? and why do they feel they have to do this?!
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I know, these people you mention, I think are not human race, on emotional side. A lot of them seem to have the identical profile as so called psychopath. We should keep being atrong against those who enjoy over crushing down other people.

I've given up trying to understand them. They have no consideration, compassion or empathy for others. All they think about is themself.

The best thing to do is avoid them all together and move on.

Even if you get even with them, they won't care. They have no sense of guilt. Or worse, they'll try to get even with you. "How dare you do that to me!" (Totally ignoring the fact they they started it or have taken advantage of you countless times before.)

So, put yourself first. Forget about them. Find someone good, compassionate, loving and sincere. There are a lot of good people out there.

The 25% who are bad, when you see them, just walk away. You don't need the aggrivation and you deserve better!

very wise and so true

wish I had the same ability to turn back things on them

such a jerk

for that manipulator who played with my emotions I wish I could do the same like u and turn back things on him

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