My Older Sister Is My Narcissistic Mother's Enabler

There is nothing that i hate more than evil person's enablers. They wouldn't get away with so much if it wasn't for the enablers who pretty much give them the courage to go further and further. It's the worst support team because they are encouraging the devil in a way.

My sister (lets call her ana) loves my mother. As does any daughter. Ana goes out of her way to please our narcissistic mother even if that means participating in cruelties herself. Ana comes of as such a nice person i hate to think that she is just like our mother. then again she is codependant on my mother. she calls her atleast 4 times a day. (Ana is 33 years old, married, with 2 kids) that can't be healthy. Sometimes i think ana is the victim of stockholme syndrome. she gets mistreated by her husband, and my mother isn't always very nice to her. or maybe she is masochistic lol. i don't know what to think about ana. i use to love her so much but lately my sisterly love has begun to die out. all her actions against me to please our mother have left me confused and thinking that perhaps she isn't as innocent as i thought. maybe she enjoys it just as much as our mother does. maybe they are just alike and i just haven't noticed because i didn't want to.

Ana gets offended easily. like if someone doesn't want to move to the state that she has moved to she claims "they think they are too good". the state she has moved to has cheap rent and is very calm. it's not for eveyone especially considering the fact that most of our family lives in a state where is more city like. She is constantly critisizing our female cousin's daughters's physical appearance or their personalities. i suspect she is jealous because those girls are beautiful and her daughter hmmmm not so much. but they are kids and you shouldn't compete to see who has the prettiest kids. that is something our mom would do lol, which is why at times i think ana is like my mother.

i really hope not. also she fills her mouth talking bad about our female cousin (same age as her) and how badly her husband treats her but she seems to forget that her husband is just as bad if not worse because ana's husband won't even work. he cheated on ana with our other sister, he stole our mother's jewelery and mine. he has left ana when he had a good job and only went back to her when he lost his good job for stealing. didn't meet his second child till she was like 8 months old. now they have been together for 5 years and he has not worked the entire time. he drinks every day. he won't even help around the house nor help the kids serve their food. i could go on and on about ana's husband so i don't understand why she critisizes our female cousin's (lets call her eliza) eliza's husband. eliza's husband stole my aunt, his mother inlaw's identity twice! with the help of eliza (mother and daughter have the same name) he has also stolen from eliza and treats her badly. he is rude but he has always been there for his kids. and he works. i don't know where ana gets her nerve from critisizing eliza's husband?!

ugh maybe ana is exactly like our mother. she never stops her from attacking me or spreading rumors about me. on the contrary she participates. if my mother tells ana to treat me a certain way when i call, she will do it. and has done it. Even when i have proof of my mother spreadin lies about me and tell ana about it, ana yells at me saying "she never talks about you!!!" which was what she did today. i was mad because my mother has told eliza that i tell her mother (my aunt) everything about eliza. eliza lives in another state. today eliza text me to tell me that she knows i speak to her mother all the time and that she was going to come to my house tomorrow and to please please not tell her mother. (they don't get along) i told her ok don't worry about it.

she told me this a few times. finally i pointed out that how would she know that i speak to my aunt everyday if she lives in another state? my mother had told her this. i knew it was my mother trying to in a non obvious way get eliza to stop confiding in me. eliza has stopped answering my calls for a while now. and now i know why. stop talking to me. also my mother has accused me of talking bad about her to my aunt. she would get so paranoid when i would go visit my aunt or would be talking to my aunt on the phone.

but the reason why there was a time in where i spoke to my aunt everyday was because she was found to have a cist and a tiny tumor on her brain. my aunt's english is not too good so i was going with her to all the doctor's appointments to translate and offer emotional support. that's why i would go visit her and talk to her on the phone. it was a rough time for her, but now that she is ok i went back to how our relationship has always been. once in a while we talk.

so i pointed this out to ana telling her that my mother shouldn't tell eliza that i talk to my aunt everyday to fill her in on what is going on because that is not true. ana yelled at me saying my mother never talks about me so i asked her than how does eliza know i speak to my aunt? she doesn't live here! how can she be so sure unless someone that lives with me is telling her this thus scaring her, making her not answer my phone calls, avoiding me. my sister just got angry and kept insisting that my mother never talks about me.....well somebody sure is.

the truth is ana is my mother's enabler and my mother can't stand to see me interacting with anybody! if it's family she will put them against me so i won't "talk bad about her to them" if i made a new friend she will treat them badly so they will stop coming over. she really can't stand to see me with anybody and she surely never wants to have a conversation with me. when i use to try back when i was a teen she wold me that i had to earn her love and that i couldn't expect her to love me just because. that was her excuse to not wanting me to talk to her.

i remember like a year ago she told me in a angry tone "that is why you are alone AND THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD BE" she looked possesed. her anger was scary but now i see what she is doing. she can't stand to see me happy and enjoys my loneliness. she enjoys my suffering. the other day she told me "look at you you are always alone, i think the worst thing is to know that you deserve this" smdh i really hate this woman.

when i put two and two together like how i was doing last night i get so angry i feel like stabbing her. i can understand why victims of abusers at time kill their abusers. last night i pounsed on the bed with my fist over and over again really hard fantasizing about stabbing her. than i prayed to God to guide me out of this house and bless me with ajob soon. i just hate this woman. i hope she dies. she is nothing but a disgusting bully.

i really hate my mother

i wouldn't really kill her ofcourse. she needs to pay for everything and God will take care of her. i guess last night i just lost it thinking about what she is doing. but no harm done. my bed doesn't mind lol.
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Lol. You are a person living in the wrong century. 0_o

I'm tired from reading all that. I meant it in a good way though. ^_^

hahaha i know where talking about my picture. lol

I was referring to your picture and your way of describing the antagonist in your story. ~_~

lol oh

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she sounds just as evil as my grandma and your friends need to learn to stand up to her or ignore her seriously if im friends with someone and their family treats me bad i stick around for my friend but their family will wish they didnt mess with me im very revengeful when someone treats me bad