Initial Impression Of Perverts In Ep

Well, i am considering myself still new on EP, it's been hardly 2 weeks and i am lucky enough to make good friends here, share my experiences, confessions, questions and above all read and learn from other experiences which is most important for me.

Within this, i have been bombarded with a lot of friends requests, out of which so far i have been selective, what amused me and kind of irritated me the most was that there were men on EP who have experiences which are pure sick minded fantasies or if not that, the experience groups they have joined are sickening ! I wonder, if using the tool of freedom of expression on EP, these groups or users be allowed at all ? i don't know, but atleast i block them immediately. No way no way at all !

So far, i am not being feminist, but i haven't come across a sick minded female on EP, which makes me wonder if this issue is only with men or what ?

Anywayz, the benefits of EP so far and the learning which i am getting because of other people's experiences outweigh this dark factor of EP, hope it stays that way :)
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6 Responses May 11, 2012

I am a kinky naughty man, and at the same time I am a sensitive soul who works in the 'caring professions'. They are not exclusive, are they?<br />
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There are men (like me) who join groups on here for the like-minded. And if you don't want to join, you don't have to. But we can still have sensible conversations about politics, religion, the state of the economy, the education of our children... Can't we?<br />
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Not that I do much of that on EP, I admit. I have other places for it. But I could! :)<br />
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Live and let live, I say.<br />
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Truth be told. ALL men are sick, twisted pervs. The thing that makes us 'seem' different is that a good deal of men are able to keep their pervy thoughts to themselves. Others, obviously, can't.

I am an EP Volunteer and so sometimes it may appear that I may join a group. However, I am simply making sure that they are following the rules. We have to protect our children and or EP community. I am trying to be understanding to all even those who do no believe, dress, or behave as I do. But I sure do understand where you are coming from. Thank you for sharing your concern.

They dont have jobs I guess. They are not serious creature to me.

:( Perverts are part of everyday life. The net is rife with them if they become pervy just say nothanks and move on. Sad really lol

It isn't a bad thing to be a feminist at all. That word has just been perverted by men to undermine the movement and by women who think strippers are feminists. You are a smart and strong women who doesn't shape your opinions about yourself around what perverted men think so you are a feminist. And I would like to be friends with you. Hope you'll add me. Also... I'm not revering to all men that way and feminism also does not mean man hating.