If youre page on this site is all about being horny or ************ youre probably a psychotic nymphomaniac freak
Heyababe Heyababe
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 15, 2014

So? .-. Does that mean your better then us?

Did i ******* say that u assumption making ****

Seems like the only **** here is you.... I havnt cussed at you but you have maybe you should calm down and take a chill pill. So angry

Get away 👌

Make me! :)


Ohhh nooooo!!!!😱👍


Dont make me **** u up 👹

👌 some one call the amber lamps!!!🚑🚨

Amber lamps?


Was a joke.... Im confused are you laughing at my attempt to **** u off?

Children please play nice

But mommmmm!!!

I will turn this website around right now!!!

Sorry mom. Gosh so bossy!

That's it no TV all summer

"Mumbles" *****

Don't make me call your farther

Godddddd noooo!!!! 😂

Now be quiet and play nice

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