It's funny how girls are the reason why ep perverts do exist. Let me explain.
Today my friend sent me a message saying that he finally found out why I use ep. So I asked him why. He said for pics of girls. So I asked him why he thought that way. He said that he searched ep on the internet and found that there are girls that send pictures. And no it wasn't a guy who said that.
For example the experience 'I like older guys' do you really think a perv did that or was it a girl.
I'm not defending the pervs or anything.
Imagine you want to take all the metal away from a specific location. Wouldn't it be an amazing idea to get a huge magnet in that location. So in order to get rid of the pervs. Get all those girls out of here.
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Well that was the most misogynistic thing ive read all day

I feel like its not necessarily the girl's fault..... We just want to find people who feel the same way as us and these stupid old men are taking it the wrong way.....

I'm not saying all of you girls. It's those who actually send pictures of themselves and enjoy it.

Ohh yeah . I will never send a picture of myself on here. Are they sick in the head.....
This is not a dating website people need to get their **** together

They don't think of it as a dating website no more. It's a po.rn website now.
There are many decent teens(boys and girls) also men and women.

This generation messes everything up i swear .-. See this is why nobody takes 90s/2000s kids seriously......

Both if us are still too young to know what life is. Well that's at least what older people say.


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Oh really? O.o
who would have thought of that

I'm not sure what you mean by that

How about we just get rid of the pervs whether they're guys or girls.

Well if we get rid of the girls the boys would leave cause everyone else would block them.