I've only just joined Ep and I'm getting messages saying ;" let's have naughty fun", " hello my beautiful daughter, come and sit on my knee" and "baby, let's have some fun". Seriously, what the actual ****. The worst part is, that they're from men old enough to be my dad. Ew. So yeah. If anyone shares similar interests and wants to talk to me, please do. I'd like to make some new friends. But if it involves anything remotely sexual, I won't respond. Sorry for the rant.
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I just got one from that guy "loweer" who said come here beautiful daughter sit on my lap ugh

Ew. I think that's the same guy that spoke to me. Not nice ;/

I know it's sickening and makes me wanna tickle them with a knife!

tickle with knife nice :)
Are you feeling dirty :P

phew got that outta my system sorry about that

Don't worry, I have the same opinion. It made me laugh :')

cool lol

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They totally need God. The're so Earthly People.

They're **

They really do.

EP w/o Perverts is Perfect.

EP doesn't deserve to be use by an Idiots.

Yup. It will always happen though.

Yeah and I'm sad about it.

I am just concern and pity for them. They're lost.

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Yeah I had one message me saying " Can u be my little woman?"

Oh god. That's gross ;0 . I think after a few weeks, we'll be able to make some sort of book containing all the dirty things that people have said to us. Not a nice thought ;/

So did I! Someone I've never even seen before on this site messages me for some 'naughty fun'. Not exactly a good impression for us newcomers...

I know, right! It's crazy.

And kind of sad, actually.

Yeah. The fact that people have nothing better to do with their lives, other than making others feel horrible and uncomfortable. I don't understand where the fun is in that.

They're pedophiles. They're probably very lonely or unhappy with what they are, so they flock to these anonymous social networks in an attempt to live their sexual fantasies, as a sort of relief from the pain they're going through. They may be creepy and repulsive, but they're humans too, with their own sets of problems.

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