ok so there's this guy his user name on ep is covelane1960 he was harassing me so some of probably know that I posted a thing about looking for boyfriend but I also post lots of other stuff so anyway this guy said hi how are u I love here where do u live blah blah blah (of course I never said an exact city) then he was like I would like you to be my girlfriend so I asked how old and he said 38 and I think you're a nice warm sweet perfect and absolutely WONDERFUL and I said I'm only 15 he said it's fine with me and I think you're a FABULOUS girl and for some reason that made me mad I think it's because he was like its fine with me but didn't ask if it was with me anyway I said well it's not fine with me you're old enough to be my father and btw calling me nice sweet warm wonderful and fabulous isn't getting you anywhere then he responded but I don't know what he said because I didn't get a chance to read it before he blocked me once again his name is covelane1960 please tell him I said to **** him thanks 😊
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He did the same to me! He was telling me he loved me after 21 hours of knowing me. He then got mad when I said I am not interested in you like that and said he doesn't like me, then he blocked me. He then came back to me a few months later saying he didn't mean it and then when I said again I wasn't interested in him he said the same thing and blocked me again! Rather weird.

yeah he's a coward

I wonder how many other girls he's done this to.

well I look at his activity and looks like he's only adding 13-21 year old girls so probably a lot of people


I did

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lol not really funny but u r on the internet the worms come out of the wood works

Ew, I wonder why these older men love little girls. It's ******* nasty. Look for women your own age you ******* pervs. Or better yet, get a ******* job and move out of your parents basement.

My girlfriend once had this 42 year old dude WITH A FAMILY hitting on her, so I can see how these pervs can really be a pain in the ***. I wish EP had lots of moderators keeping an eye out on this kinda stuff.....

I 100000000% agree

I'm in no way a pedo but there r some girls that like older guys and guys like that one with ur gf is sick