I Hate Everyone Because..

because they all think they know everything and the world is revolved around them. But reality check. It's not. You get weird looks when you do one little thing wrong but then when you're all trying to be the kind, perfect person everyone expects you to be, no one pays attention. You get yelled at for things that aren't your fault, they just need someone to blame. Everyone goes about their day completely oblivious to everyone else. I mean, honestly. High school, coworkers, these things we call "friends". Except for maybe a few close acquaintances, if you even have that, how many of them really care? Truly, honestly care? Not because they have to, not because the label "friendship" requires it. I'm sure others have at least one or two, but me? None. None that I can think of right away, and if I have to deeply scan my brain it in order to find one, I don't think it really counts. I'm not friendless, in fact, people see me as that friendly, bubbly person to go to for advice and to have fun with. But when it comes down to it, I'm here giving words of wisdom to everyone yet no one has any for me. My family? Nope. The closest thing to a deep conversation is 1) getting yelled at, or 2) a college lecture. 
young219 young219
May 13, 2012