Wondering Just How Bad It's Really Going To Get???

     I live in upstate NY; our area has been especially hard hit in the recession.  There are very few jobs, and a lot of homes are up for sale.  ( I went for a run the other day, and noticed 5 houses on our street alone for sale - YIKES! )  Things are so bad here, that after a little over a year with scanty employment, my husband and I are being forced to move back south.  ( My mate woks in the petro-chemical industry, and there is just like NO WORK AT ALL here for that! )  There are still pockets of work left in LA & TX, so that is where we are looking at, right now.  Our place just sold last week.  My hubby has already started sending resumes down there.  If we don't hear anything in a few weeks, come April, we are just going to pack it up, and roll out.  Taking our chances, I suppose, but a chance is better than nothing, I guess. 

     I am 42, and honestly, I have never seen things this bad...  The weak dollar, no jobs, the bottomed-out housing market, the recession....  I just wonder when is it going to end, and just how bad is it going to get before it does end?  I also wonder, how many other families are going through what we are going through, or worse???

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It will bankrupt and destroy thee country. Secession anyone?

Oh, tell me about it, Luv?!? Just curious... Anybody got any opinions about the new health bill?

Oil and gas is down. This govt is killing decent folks

Yes, I agree. I just think it is so sad when families R forced 2 uproot & go elsewhere ;-< If it happens enough, entire communities can B destroyed. ( My neighborhood is already starting 2 look like a ghost town - YIKES! ) <br />
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*Several of our friends, have already headed over the border 2 Canada - if things were different 4 us, I'd B thinking about doing the same myself!

It's bad-even in texla