This Is Gonna Sound Harsh

I hate excuses. 

I don't allow myself to indulge in them. Explanation, yes. Excuses, no. 

Without Googling the exact definition of 'excuse' I'll say that my definition is words to hide behind. Words to keep from trying. Words to be lazy by. 

I'll give an example.

Recently, my son was recently put on ADHD med's he wasn't diagnosed with ADHD but the med's are really helping him to start being successful in school. 

I refuse to allow this to be an excuse or a crutch for him the rest of his life. As his parent I'm going to balance the need to be successful with the need to push him into excellence. This medicine is a tool right now and I refuse to allow it to be a crutch. Yes, the doc said that he made need it all through school on into High School. I'm fully prepared to walk that out if need be BUT I will constantly be on the look out for his developing strength, control... an open door if you will. 

I HATE IT, yes I'm using the word HATE. HATE it when people make excuses "I'm depressed I have to take med's...." Don't take this the wrong way because I understand depression is a physical illness but the human spirit and human body are more resilient then we give ourselves credit for so STOP USING EXCUSES!!

Wasn't there a lady that got shot in the head, that's right in the HEAD that worked hard every day, all day until she was exhausted to gain back the ability to speak and then to walk... it was a national news story. So don't give me that crap about how life isn't live-able with out this, that or the other. Stop making tool's into crutches... yes, it's work and yes, it's not easy but if it were easy the drug companies would be out of business, all children would grow up stable and happy and we'd have world peace, since we don't that means it's NOT EASY. 

Take one small, achievable step for the love of GOD!! If you fail... try again... and again... and again... until it get's easy. It can be done... just look around at all the people that have done it. Excuses are just words to keep from putting the effort forth. 

It would be different if someone said "I'm suffering depression BUT I'm looking for a way out." or "I battle depression BUT one day I'm gonna win." There is a difference...

p.s. I'm not a jerk because I refuse to be okay with this, I'm the world's mouthiest fan of people who are willing to try
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2 Responses Apr 8, 2012

Battling depression, and taking meds isn't an excuse. The fact that one can't be open about this, mental illness is still seen as something very scary, freaky, a weakness, whatever, but never as a 'normal' illness, is disheartening.<br />
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Having said that, I can be really helpful to whine, not all the time, but sometimes. Struggling with depression, and after a 30 years war it is hard to sincerely say "I'm gonna win", implies that you're not using it as an excuse. <br />
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I believe you're not a jerk, but your "BUT" in your story kind of pissed me off. (Yet I do believe you had no intention to do that).

My oldest two sons were diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed medication. I began reading everything I could on the subject, probably around 15 books and medical studies. I never filled the presc<x>riptions.

Yes unfortunately our children have been deemed gov't property and we their caretakers. That's not saying that we should endanger our babies. Unfortunately you're involved in a sad divorce. My sister's son was diagnosed with ADHD and she did have him on the medications on and off until he was 17. Millions of parents here have done the same thing. I would never offer medical advice to anyone. I understand there are children who do suffer with medical issues and they should be taken care of. They are now diagnosing millions of kids with Autism. It's the new ADD. The sad truth is that the system decides to label these babies with medical deficiencies in order to force drug them to act the way they want them.They take babies away from their momma's way to early and destroy their creative intelligence. They are just babies acting naturally. It's un natural sticking babies in a prison like environment! They are doing their best at stopping boys from growing to be men! The U.S. gov't school system is the most debilitating institution on this planet! Always Research Everything!