been bullied several times in the real world so it would be just nice not to be bullied over here too, afterall i'm looking for such supports not more enemies :( i'm not too stable and it's kind off bringing me down (again). it's more scary over here sometimes i'm thinking of back to the real world!

*tried to deleting my account but it's not working, can't send that confirmation email, how come?? should take a look at it again i must typing it wrong or something.. although it would be such a shame to leave but that's just me~ :(

meh~ soon! very sooon! i bid you all who've been kind to me farewell, bgm "leave out all the rest".
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I have been bullied on EP too recently! And I WONT STAND FOR IT!!! I have already flagged the nasty responses Virginia9999 sent me and have written a very intimate email to EP expressing my intolerance for such behavior on such a beautifully intentioned site If you would be so kind as to help me stand up to this bully in my experiences under 'I Love Animals' please flag VIRGINIA999's unprovoked and nasty messages. Please let me know if I can help you with anything! #TogetherWeCan
-Gratefully yours

Well I am doing my best in supporting and helping you my dear friend

Yayforkay, I hear you. It's a bummer that this site is populated with such idiocy. It has so much potential, and yet, people come on here to talk about weird sh** that really makes me wonder about the future of the human race (lol). Anyways, best wishes for finding a better forum online; they're out there, somewhere... -Nathan

I'm sorry people are so stupid. I have apparently been lucky to have not been annoyed on here yet.

And to you :) If you do decide to stick around I wouldn't mind calling myself your friend.

Don't let people get to you, it's the internet. Please don't take things said to heart.

yeah buddy i got your back.

Sup. I give u my support :) have been bullied too but not on EP so far :D every1 on here I've typed to seems nice ;)

Np :D happy to help