Cleaning Up the Mess

Very strange thing happened last night. 

My husband grows Taro, and every week I usually make poi out of the Taro he harvests.  Last night, I made the Poi (it's a Hawaiian staple/food made from the Taro Root) in my food processor, put it containers and set it on the counter like I always do.  Anyway, I forgot to put it in the refrigerator and went to bed.

This morning UGH and more UGH   -    the Poi actually exploded all over the kitchen.  I have never seen anything like it.  The lids were off, some of the containers were upside down and Poi was on everything.  I think it kind of fermented overnight.

Just strange and VERY MESSY.

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7 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Chat with Dat...has a nice ring to it.<br />
<br />
Bum gas!hehe

Bum gas - I like that.

The feeling is MUTUAL!! Chattin with Dat - my new line. Let's chat with Dat - heh heh heh heh<br />
<br />
Just trying to get out of my SERIOUS FUNK.

Oh, the chips and bread and Alfredo sound good! Maybe I'll just start with them! New words, new food--gee, I'm glad I found you!

The taste is actually very bland - a very slight hint of sweet, very gooey. It is best served with very SALTY meat like Kalua Pork or Fish. Most people do not like poi; it is definitely an acquired taste.<br />
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I personally love it, but it took me awhile to get used to it. It was my son's first food. It is very traditional Hawaiian and is very popular in my community.<br />
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I do other things with Taro that are really yummy. Fried Taro Chips are delicious! Taro sweet bread is too. I also make a Taro Alfredo - I cube the Taro, boil it and then mix in garlic, parmesan cheese and some cream - yummy.

I grow taro as an ornamental plant and have a recipe for poi and have always meant to try making it. But I have no idea what it tastes like! Can you describe the taste? Do you like it?

Sahira - Yeah, I will never do that again. My ex<x>pression must have been priceless - It looked like a bunch of elves (or menehunes) were running amuck in my kitchen. Funny, but not fun.