Dumped My Account

I hated facebook so much I got rid of my account! I couldn't take it anymore! I just couldn't! All these people I didn't want to talk to anymore, the constant updates about who was going to the toilet, eating cereal, who said what, did what. Really?? I don't care! Anyways, it's gone and I'm so happy!
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2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

I hear ya.. I have so many friend on it (Facebook) that are so into Farmville, Zombiefarm, Mafia Wars... all that ****.. plus they would rather "comment on a status" then call you up and just talk... Mindless rable is all it is.. I'm so happy for you that you got away in time! LOL

At first I was pressured into opening a facebook account then I hear horrible stories like your so I really never ventured into opening an account. It's really pain in da.. you know where.