Don't Have Very Many So-called Friends

I only have about 50 friends.  Some of them are not really even my friends.  I hate that I feel embarrassed about this.  50 is a lot, but most of the people I know have more than 200 friends! I just don't really think anyone needs to know what I'm doing at that very moment.  I have a couple of friends who post things multiple times during the day-even people that I know are very busy people.  One friend is a professor at a respected college, and she posts on her Facebook about every 2 hours-and really meaningless stuff, too, like "I really need a cup of coffee this morning".  So I imagine she wakes up, turns on her computer, and checks her Facebook before she even gets the coffee brewing.  It's really only a few people who are constantly posting-maybe 5 out of 50 friends, but that's 10% of the people I have as online friends, and if I was younger, and my friends were a little younger, I'm sure it would be a much larger percentage of people.
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Facebook is a Marketing Tool. The words "Friends and Family" are marketing tools. When are the people in this country going to get wise!<br />
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Patty Ann

50 is a real number so dont be embarrased. i have a friend there who has 1000+ friends!! yep 1000+ friends, or perhaps "friends". that's ridiculous. but i believe that she just collects friends because it's cool to do so like what worldofconfusion said. no wonder why she hasnt got time for me because she's "busy" with her other 999 friends! and as for those incredible updates they are exagerated and i personally dont take too much notice. like what aislersan said they're there just to impress people.

I agree with aislersan. I am still on FB but I am cutting back on my time on FB. I was spending alot of time also trying to come up with good posts for my status update to impress people and if they liked it I felt good about myself and if nobody liked it or made a good comment I would get depressed. I have only 47 friends on FB and when I see some of my family and friends have thousands of friends on FB it makes me feel like loser(even though they don't even know most of those people). FB is great as long as you don't get so caught up and obesed with it.

Even though it's a social networking site, Facebook is very much a narcissistic haven. When I was active on it, every time I did something in my day, I would immediately wonder what kind of status update I could post that made it seem like something really interesting just happened. It was really silly. I was just trying to come up with things to get people's attention on there. After a while, it got to me and I stopped really visiting FB, but mostly because most people really didn't care what I posted. ;)

Thanks-I agree it has become a distraction from the present, and I very much wish more people would live "in the now".<br />
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I have around that many "friends" too, and I only really speak to a few. It sure is less embarrassing than having hundreds of "friends" and feeling the need to post meaningless updates every few hours in my book.<br />
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OptimistPrime - I know, right?! I was once having a fun, relaxing outing with my friends when one of them got out their phone and asked me "what should I post on Facebook? I want it to be funny etc" I was flabbergasted and replied "why post what you're doing on facebook right now? Just enjoy yourself!" Whatever happened to living in the now? <br />
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I much agree with what WorldOfConfusion has said as well. One real friend is invaluable; hundreds of "so-called friends" in a facebook friends list are disposable.

Hi there, LittleMissee. I didn't click at first that you were talking about Facebook, but having 50 friends, whether in online terms or real life, is certainly nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. I guarantee those people who have 200+ online friends have only added most of them because it's cool to do so. I'll bet they couldn't actually call the majority of them friends. They may have met them once or twice, or possibly know them through a mutual friend, but a true friend is somebody you can count on, and can count on you. Personally, I have long since taken myself off Facebook; the people who I actually care to call friends know my phone number and address, and know that they can call on me at any time for any reason. I can count all of those people on one hand. I could probably even chop a finger or two off and still be able to count them. The thing with social networks is that they're...well...not very social. Far too many people see it as a popularity contest, and I see that as being very unhealthy to real friendships. Be thankful for the people in your life who you trust, respect and love, and don't worry about the amount of online friends that others have. I've no doubt that you and you small group of friends share a stronger bond than the people who just want to have more friends than everyone else. Don't worry about the "friends" you don't have, just love the TRUE friends you DO have :)