Facebook Is No Safe Haven

It's the opposite of a safe haven - you can never keep up with the continuing changes Facebook makes in privacy settings. Aside from that it's just an awful shallow and painful experience for me as I watch others (who were at one time my close friends) interact with others while I'm just ignored.

For me, it's just a shallow meaningless place where people are being superficial usually don't care. Even when I send people notes, etc. and try to connect, I'm ignored as if I don't exist.

I'm always on the verge of deleting my Facebook account. But for now, I just avoid it as much as possible.

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5 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Facebook is a breeding ground for loneliness, depression and discontent! I totally know where you're coming from. It feels like such a one way form of communication sometimes, just like you described. You try and reach out to people, and everyone ignores you. You're far from the only one that happens to though. It seems like everyone on there is just there to talk about themselves rather than actually connecting with their "friends". I deactivated my account, but I haven't deleted it yet. I hate it, yet I can't quite let it go. And yes, a 'delete facebook' party would be a great idea!

that sounds like the best party ever

wordsforliving, <br />
I relate to this story so much! I joined facebook to keep in touch with my Godson while he was at college. I quickly was 'friended' by people I went to school with. People who were simply horrible to me while in school, wanted to be friends. I thought, what the heck... we're adults now. <br />
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I have the same experiences you do. I send messages, try to chat with them, leave comments on their statuses, leave wall comments... nothing! In some cases, they delete my comments. <br />
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The only good thing that came of my time on facebook, has been a reunion with a childhood friend who now comes to visit and connects with me on yahoo to chat. Even my Godson doesn't use it much anymore, so my initial reason for signing up no longer exists. <br />
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Perhaps we can have a 'delete facebook' party! LOL :)

I would probably like it too if I was connected with people whom I have things in common rather than distant friends from years ago. As it is right now, I'm usually just ignored as if I don't exist. Not sure how to change that or even if it can be changed.

I love facebook. It's the only place I really have any friends. I've met all of my facebook friends on various sites. They're all people I have things in common with so I don't have to worry about them being judgmental, etc.