I Hate The People On Facebook Too

So I got on facebook to hook up with old friends. In the beginning everything was fine, people would be friendly and interested in what I have to say. But now I get all these invites from people I know or people of people that I know. I message them like "hi haven't talked to you in a while" or "hi, are you so and so brother?" but they don't even bother to reply back! I mean why the hell would you even add someone as a friend if you don't even want to talk to them?! I moved from myspace to facebook because of the whole popularity contest and now its happening all over again! Also the people who think others REALLY care that they are "eating a bagel" or "going to work". I'm so happy I found EP, I can be myself and lay all my insecurities/thoughts out on the table.
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I know exactly what you mean. I can totally relate 100%.. I feel the same exact way. I hate it but I keep going back because there are a few groups and news feeds that I really do enjoy reading their post. The strangers.. Its the ppl that I am related to or know that I hate reading about. The phonies. Thats what they are. I hate how ppl use the word "love " so freely. I know certain ppl who really cant stand certain ppl but when they comment on their fb post, they are all loving and tell them how much they love them. Such bullshit. Actually, i wish there were certain ppl not on my page. But, they are family members, so I cant block them or take them off my friends list, because they are family, so I have to read their phony *** bullshit post every single day when I come on . It really can put me in a pissed mood. It sucks because I want to come on to read certain group posts, but cant avoid the ones I hate.. Anyway, guess there isnt anything we can do except cancel our accounts , maybe....im glad I found EP. I just have to remember to come here more often... Hopefully I will.. have a good night ..

You are so right about it being a popularity contest. I am shocked too how people can just mechanically send a friend request and not bother to ever communicate with you again and yet just browse your albums, and peep inside your life. I have blocked all my albums to such people. However blocking them from seeing my albums seems to cause ill feeling. Sometimes they write and say 'why can't I see your album?' 'why am I not able to write on your wall?' They never ever wrote and yet they ask. It just shows what a bunch of peeping toms they are. I hate facebook. I so want to stop checking on it. A 'friend' of mine wrote asking why I haven't written to her in ages. yes. I am one of the few who tries to keep in touch with all my closer friends. I told her I am the one who always writes.. it is you who never writes back. After that she stopped writing. she only would like to lay a guilt trip because she knows I would write every 2 months to her inbox and since I have stopped doing that, she is questioning me. I see her commenting and liking everyone's stuff but she won't do that for my stuff as she is annoyed that I have stopped writing to her privately. I don't feel we have much in common. The other thing is that since she bought a huge home and has been posting umpteen pictures of her home, she expects everyone to comment constantly. Since it gets boring after a while, many of us friends stopped commenting as we did for the first week. Now she thinks we are jealous of her. Where does it end? People are posting endless pictures of their babies and expecting that we will keep complimenting them over the months and years. Obviously that gets old.

facebook can be great but can be bad to know what people are up to when your not around...or what they want you to think is really the issue.....it is used as a jealous tool...you often feel left out and not good enough...it does my head in between myself & my daughters my life is sooo much more stressful dealing with facebook wars & petty games people play with each other, its pathetic & im over it as much as i love it too...im getting more bad feelings from facebook than good now...it can also make me turn into one of those monsters...i react without thinking & BAM...I HATE MYSELF FOR THE MONSTER I HAVE BECOME :(

You have described my situation perfectly. I feel the same way. Wish I had never ever created an account. So much happier before it. I did enjoy for a while.. but it is so addictive and yet so upsetting.

amen. This is way better than facebook, no phony-ness. i never even started a fb page its trash. 90 percent of members would never even talk to each other in public. ugh

I'm beginning to hate Facebook. I've had am email telling me that somebody logged into my old account and I've changed my password like multiple times and had to delete that one and make a new account. I'm taking a break from Facebook.<br />
I feel the same way about when people add me, but sometiems don't respond back.

Its incredibly superficial...everyone posting their best smiling pics and you have to "like" them all...all 100 wall posts or certain people you skip notice and hate. I go on once a week now and only communicate through inbox with genuine people. The rest see it like I've fallen off the face of the earth and complain by my lack of pics or lack of small talk. Oh well.

Experiencing so much more peace in my life since I have unticked \'show in newsfeed\' for all the annoying ones.

I'm of the same opinion of the person above me...<br />
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I am TOTALLY over facebook, I have 191 'friends" and do you think any of them give a crap about me? 3 people only ever chat to me, unless its someone else trying to get in touch with my husband. Whenever i put a happy/excited status up some smartass that isnt my friend at all will comment some negative thing and bring my mood down. Sometimes when my husband is in a ****** mood with me he'll put it on facebook and i get judged because, hell, i "must be PMSing" . <br />
And the thing that REALLY ****** me off the most is people i dislike and or have a grudge against coz they've ****** me over in the past cant seem to understand why i dont want to accept their friend request and send me message after message why i should just accept them and I need to get over what they've done. And they dont stop so i eventually just give in and accept their request, but because i dont say anything to them they dont say anything either, but hey at least their number of friends is up!<br />
<br />
I am totally over it!!! so glad i found this place! i can have an opinion and i dont feel like i'm the only one! :)

I add old classmate. I haven't seen in years. She did accept me as a friend on FB. But, she barely talk to me. Some of my relatives add me on FB. But they don't talk to me. Just once they will say something to me. But rest the of the time. they just ignore me. Since FB disable me. I haven't been on. I did made a new account. But only lasted a day. It wasn't the same. Then, I found EP. I don't care if my relatives are on here or not. I don't feel ignore.

they also say you can encourage responsible facebooking. I saw this on antifacebookforum.com and I thought it's not a bad invention

I hated because my young niece was being bullied on it and nobody from facebook seemed to care even though my sister complained to them all she was told was to block these comments but these are kids who have had computers in there hands since they could hold them they always find a way to get in, it affected the child badly,

That's why I joined onlymeworld.com = )

not that i really hate the site but i've heard too many people quarrel on it and do it by posting on each other's walls..almost everyone i know is on fb but i think i'll pass...yep it is so true ep is way better, the people here make sense... i mean people talk about the usual things that happens to them or what they /think/feel regarding a certain matter in real life....facebook seems to be fake for me

Facebook is indeed evil. Its true when you say that your old friends change and often dont reply. It happend to me as well except that all my recent friends changed on me. They got caught up in wanting to be popular and to show off. I deleted my acount and never looked back.