Facebook..the Root Of All Evil.

I hate facebook with absolute passion! About six months I got talked into moving to facebook from myspace,Because it had died and gone to the wolves. Now Ive always had a facebook but I was never on it. I never had any use for it and everyone was saying how all the rage it was so i wanted to join the train...BIG MISTAKE. I would say about a couple of weeks later all my really close myspace friends who joined the facebook train with me almost immeditely changed. They became fame hungry and always posted tons of pictures of themselves naming the captions"Fat and ugly" Just so people could comment on them. The statuses were driving me insane as well...They never made since..yet people would get 50 likes just for having the word sex in it. If i was to post a status about something simple like my day I wouldnt get any. I even tested it one day and just put the word "Sex" I got 10 likes.. I couldnt beleive it. The worst thing for me though was how it ruined all my friendships and family. Almost everyday I got into it with a family member(My father)because he didnt like what I posted or that my cousins would tell my mother what I had said on my lastest status and she would always confront me about it...Im freaking 20! Even worse is when a cousin and her mother would fight and she would try to bring me in and get her mother(my aunt) mad at me. I sometimes would have to deactivate for a few days just so the heat would die down. It was getting very out of hand...I even lost a few close and old friends to facebook. They never wanted to hang out or talk they just would rather spend the whole day on facebook updating there statuses or likeing people's pics. Seriously facebook has runined most of socal life itsself. What happend to going out and enjoying others company and what not? I did admit that I use to be addicted to it because It is mobile on my phone,but I managed to break free from its grasp and see how evil it really is. Trust me people when I say you need to get rid if it i mean GET RID OF IT NOW! its not going to get better and it will ruin you in the long run. I honestly came to facebook with a ton of friends and left with one. Now I'm on ep and its my new socail home! <3

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I agree with yall on here. Facebook to me is work of the devil. And I mean that in the most non crazy way. Lol. It saddens me how people can be so mean and talk so much crap on there yet never say stuff to there face . Everyone is so big and bad when posting on Facebook. I had let peer pressure get to me a couple years ago and decided to get Facebook. I just deactivated my account and don't think I will be returning. I guess what gets me the most is nobody can post their opinions on here without others jumping all over your posts and hating you and wanting to start wars. Why can't they just keep scrolling through their feed and just not hit the like button? Nope they want to debate with you. I don't go on their posts if I don't agree with them and start fighting about subjects. It's really annoying. I guess the only good thing out of it is seeing how some friends are just childish. Lol. I'm done with it and I feel so much better without it.

Facebook is a weird thing. I separate people through different groups so just my friends can see everything - and I always end up forgetting something. My dad can't see anything I post, he asks me why, I just say I don't post at all, that's it.

I unfollow people who posts stupid things like that, I can say... at least 60% of them.

Got rid of my account, life is better, and I have all this free time now to live life....

Well, B. V... you sound like a smart girl - stay as you are.

TY!! &lt;3

it is and not only that but Ive been a Forum member on Atlus & other game sites & ive seen trolls with better behavior on boards than people on facebook

hahaha wow thats...pretty sad. But would expect no less from those pack of demons known as facebook! :)

This site is especially made for the simple-minded which do not much have to make set apart to look for the scandal !<br />
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I couldnt agree more!! :)


Haha, I used to be crazy about facebook. I still have one because I feel weird about deleting it for some reason. I feel like facebook has a grip on me somehow. I'm hardly ever on there anymore...mostly because I ended up with the same problem you had. My friends were being all weird, fake, and just plain annoying on facebook. Completely not themselves. I can't completely blame it for my lack of social prowess though, lol. I'm just sort of backward socially sometimes.

ITS EVIIIIIIIIL! RUN! D: jk yeah I somtimes catch myself wanted to look at it. well someone elses page, but then again Im like ewww nvm because its blaaaaah! XO RUN!!


That's why I joined onlymeworld.com = )

what is that? O_O

@mister LMAO! u are sir you are! :)<br />
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I've never even used Facebook, that's how awesome I am at not following trends.

@Brainy :) Thank you!! and actually facebook use to be just for college students so im guessing thats why they wanted you to join I didn't know about it either into after it had become a social site. im glad we see eye to eye though! :)<br />
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@road alright sounds interesting!!! and it makes so much since as well... plus the whole fake profiles and what not i seen it everyday! they create this image online to seem like there the perfect person yet offline there down right miserable. So im guessing its an obsession to be the best or w/e lol i do feel sorry for the people on facebook. D:<br />
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Facebook is great for one thing: "Weeding out crazy people with nasty sociopathic disorders". Recently psychiatrists discovered that they could eliminate over 90% of the people with some of the worst personality disorders, like borderline personality disorders, etc . In the simple version: The more friends they have, the more crap on their wallboard, the greater the chance, that they are crazy. Look up Facebook vs Personality Disorders, it may save you a lot of heartache and pain in the future, plus this provides the first good, and practical use of Facebook for me : ) Think about it: Can any normal person have 500 "real" friends? No way, according to the mental health folks. The average person can handle about 5 - 8 "real" friends, and most of the sociopathic personality disorders are defined by: A fake person, living a fake life, while fooling others, and using them as tools to get what they want. Go check it out, it does make sense when you think about it.