To hell with Facebook

No!  No!  No!
If you are thinking that I may have decided to join the Taliban and hence I am opposing something that the world loves to do, you are wrong. I am still the same emotional Indian who writes blogs that are admired even by polar bears and seals (not the US navy SEALS who killed Osama, while he was watching ‘Catch me if you can’ on HBO).
I have got really bored of Facebook. Firstly, I never really understood it. Secondly, all those friends whom I want to meet personally and spend time with are too busy in their lives (that’s what they always tell me). But those same people are glued to Facebook as if they are paid to do that by their employers!! This has really pissed me off. I am now searching for a time machine on eBay which can take me back in time when there were no cell phones, no YouTube, no Google and no Facebook. Friends were real friends whom you could meet in flesh. Watching a movie First Day First Show in a single-screen theatre by buying a ticket in ‘black’ was more exciting than watching it in a multiplex which sells popcorn at the price of a full lunch elsewhere.
I am still wondering how come there has not been any alternative to Facebook so far. After all, Orkut was replaced by Facebook even before I could reach 50 friends on Orkut.
Why are people so crazy about some things? Whenever Apple is supposed to launch a product, the whole world discusses about it even before it has hit the market. Nobody remembers the apple that fell on Newton’s head. I suspect that apple was partly eaten by Newton and then by Steve Jobs. Apple’s sales today are defying Newton’s law of gravity.
So why is Facebook so boring?
Breaking news updaters
For some strange and unknown reasons, people prefer to regularly update everyone with what they’re doing. This happens every hour. Sample this: “Darren Crilly is busier than a cucumber in a woman's prison (whatever that means)”; About to shower!”; “Searching for the shampoo”; “Still wet from the shower”; “Can’t find the towel”. What am I supposed to do then? Order a towel from eBay? Bath or don’t bath, I don’t care.
Socrates/Plato fans
Then there are philosophical messages copy pasted from Google: “If you can’t stand by your word, you stand for nothing.” I am yet to understand this person’s stand.
Masters of tagging
Sometimes, I suspect people do certain things in their life so that they can update the same on their Facebook profile. For instance, a girl fights with her boyfriend so that she can update her status back to ‘Single’. A smart guy will immediately send her a friend request and that’s what she wants.
And then, there are photos. Photos taken in front of the Tower of Pisa, with the tower supposedly held in between two fingers or on the palm of the hand just to showcase the photographer’s creativity with his camera.    
Unpaid commentators
As if photos are not enough, you have people commenting on them along with smileys. And then, even an ugly looking fellow standing in front of the Eiffel Tower will receive comments like, ‘Awesome’, ‘Mind-blowing’, ‘Hot’.
Family on Facebook
One of my senior friends had to recently quit Facebook as his mother too had joined it, and she unknowingly sent a friend request to my friend’s girlfriend. The other day, his girlfriend was giggling over how an old woman was trying to be her friend.  
Confusion, chaos, etc.
After spending a year or so on Facebook, I am now confused who my real friends are. My neighbour is my friend on Facebook but I haven’t seen him in the last six months. I have ‘friends’ from the US, Australia and Tanzania. More than half of my college friends are on Facebook. They update their status regularly, post comments and suggest apps. But none of them talks about meeting in person, since they do not have time.
What is yours is mine as well
First, people want to join Facebook. Secondly, they want to share every moment of their private life with others. And then, when their privacy is stolen, they create a hullabaloo. Boss, if you are on Facebook, you will have to kick the *** of your privacy. That’s as clear as mineral water.
Farmville, etc.
The first time I got a suggestion from one of my friend to play Farmville, I was curious enough to find out what it exactly is. After trying for almost a week, I went back to her and asked: Hey, how to play Farmville? She responded by saying: You better stick to scrabble and snakes & ladders.
Birthday reminders
One of the biggest disadvantage of making any Tom, **** and Harry your friend is that Facebook will tell you their birthdays. So, if you have more than 500 friends, you will probably spend most of your life wishing Happy Birthday to people whom you have never met in person.
So, I want to quit Facebook. And then join Twitter. No, I have not been paid by Twitter’s pigeon to promote the site. Though I won’t stay there for long as well, I want to find out how many followers I get. Those will be my real friends. Right now, only my shadow follows me.
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15 Responses May 31, 2011

I think you pretty much summed up why I hate Facebook, the people don't seem to be real to me and who cares where they are and what they are doing???

I guess I prefer the old fashioned way of just hanging out together... That to me is connection

I did quit FB for the same reason.. Indian story of FB.. it is just for showoff, trust me it is.. someone going on vacation update ok (security reason, updating etc) but everyone putting same photo.. holding the tip of Taj mahal with their hands.. acceptable.. but comeon, who puts a photo on facebook of heshe has been to a mall !!!! way to crazy I suppose. Its the best place for attention seekers.. someone (esp. Gals) out of bed will put her horrible photo on FB.. that too will invite zillion likes and comments like Awesome etc !!!
I think its the best place to flaunt where you go in parties and showoff that how happy you are in life.. in other words TOTAL FAKE :)
I came to FB to connect with friends.. but connect.. come on yaar.. how can you just have a friendship based in few pings on chat or giving good comments on the F****** showoff and fake ?
I feel the only motto there is Your Scratch may back I scratch yours !!!
its a serious waste of time peeping into others so called PERFECT life portrayed on FB rather than looking into yours.

I get where you are coming from. That's how I ended up here in the first place, now I also volunteer for Experience Project. The advantage of Experience Project I find is that you meet people ba<x>sed on commonalities rather than on mutual friends, the people you meet here are more likely to have familiar likes, dislikes, behaviors, and experiences as yourself. As for games, I only play games that I purchase and load by disk into my computer- it is full screen preventing me from catting at the same time. so I log out of everything and sometimes post how long I expect to be out of touch, or I'll frequently minimize my game to check mail and see who's available to chat, I never try to do both at once as I quickly discovered how annoying it can be to ask someone a question and then finally get a reply ten or fifteen minutes later because they were busy with a game or other app.

I have a LOVE/HATE thing with facebook. I've been on it more than three years. I've changed, it's changed. Sometimes I have a BLAST in FB, sometimes it's a huge bore and sometimes even depressing. BUT I get more activity in FB than I do in EP. I come to EP to unload things I might not unload (anymore) In FB. I HAVE met people from face book in real time. I have exchanged and still do, real mailing addresses with people I've come to know..Yeah, POSTCARDS from the edge >:). I have the TELEPHONE numbers of a couple as well. It takes TIME to "get to know" people no matter WHERE you are...You don't just show up with no agenda...gotta set your bio to attract what you seek...<br />
<br />
I DO keep my list down to less than 70 or fewer. I regularly thin it out. Lately, I'm using it for POLITICS and the Occupy movement. I share info, learn read, etc etc. I belong to several SPECIALTY groups and several PRIVATE invitation only groups, and have my lists divided into public and VERY PRIVATE...I do not use my real name and I DO BLAB about my life for the whole world whether they like it or not...It HAS attracted like minded people with similar problems, issues...and THAT IS THE POINT. geez WHY BE ONLINE if you're worried about PEOPLE FINDING OUT YOUR DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS...gonna sit up here a lie then?? Sheesh..<br />
<br />
I am partially disabled, more house bound than I used to be. So while I'd much rather be out in the public chumming with folks (can't chum with my friends living around the world though can I)...It's harder for me..and besides that....►EVERYONE IS ONLINE◄ and NOT out in the general public. Unless You think sitting in a BAR to make friends is appropriate? LOL<br />
<br />
Just sayin....

I just love your posts. Hope to read more of your stimulating entries and thanks for sharing.

Yeah, its good to know that you are making use of FB for your hobbies and passions. That's the power of social networking. You can find like-minded people easily. Even on Google+, there are lot of people who are into wildlife photography and adventures. You can give it a try there as well.<br />
<br />
Love,<br />

I concur. I was on fb for 2 yrs, off now about 2 months. 'Friends': This word like many others, has been hijacked, appropriated, misused beyond its real meaning. Any fb number over 60 or so 'friends,' you are not really friends. And as stated earlier, even the people nearby, in the same city, are always 'too busy' to talk, to meet? fugettit, but they have no problem being on fb hours a day. So I dont miss it at all. I must have real associates, colleagues, contacts, friends with real discussions, contacts, interests. A smaller group but its legit.

This is totally true. Most of the people that are my FB friends I've never even talked to in real life or on facebook, there just another number on my friends list. People on facebook are so egotystical and arrogant. I can't stand that site. The only reason I am still on there is because I think if I delete my page I will lose touch with my real friends.

Give your real friends your phone number and e-mail address - then delete all your posts and send Facebook a request to delete your page for good. Hope this helps.

Why do people want to be your friend on Facebook who hardly speak to you at work . I feel like pointing this out but keep quiet.

gosh, no body could have put it so aptly! great job ya.....<br />
by the way, i have the anti facebook gene....<br />
and i couldnt have been more proud of myself<br />
for not wasting my time on updating my status on that stupid site

hahaha I laughed so hard with your story, probably beacause all you say is soooo damn true!!.. f.u.c.k. facebook!

That's why I joined = )

I must admit that I am one of those Facebook addicts who constantly uploads pictures, tags people and updates her status. I do however, hate farmville and the like as it just seems a total waste of time that is completely impossible to figure out how to play. I also hate those people who feel the need to tell the world everything they are doing "Jim is having a shower" "Jim has had a shower" "Jim is searching for a hair-dryer" etc. We do not wanna know everything you are doing! Stop telling the world the ins and outs of your life, we don't care if you've sowered or not!!!<br /><br />
So, why do I like Fb? Well it's simple really, Facebook allows me to sit alone locked in my bedroom and still feel social.

I must say I am not into Facebook. It is kind of phoney and such an invasion of privacy. thank you for giving me so many reasons for backing up my decision to boycott Facebook.

Wow, You got down to the nitty gritty. Before i could think of what you might have forgotten it was there goodjob! Your right though and it done right sucks Seriously. Odv