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I'm not a facebook user and never have been. I've never been a person that is soooo into social networking sites. I just dont get why would anyone let everything in their personal life be so out there in the open that it doesnt matter. Well, dont get me wrong, i dont mean to say its entirely wrong but to each its own. I just dont like the idea of it, i like to keep it within my social circle and i rather calling people up to invite them to parties and asking how they have been than sending messages like that. Plus i have friends who are in the IT industry and they said people just dont see the danger in signing up into all these.

Whenever i get to know someone, they would usually ask me, "So, mind me adding u on facebook?" And each time when i say, "Sorry, not a user." They will immediately give me  "You're not on facebook? How can u not be on it, everybody's on it." Well im not everybody, just deal with it. I just hate how some people would give me stares after i told them that, like im some sort of an alien just because im not on some god-damn site that everybody's on! Then they will start to wonder if i have a social life to begin with. Seriously??? Gosh!

*My personal opinion and not to offend anyone.
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I used to have Friendster way back when(bcoz of a friend's persistence) and i totally ignored it for the same reasons as yours-- 'Why would i want to broadcast my life?!?' and have people judge me for what I put in there! Only had an FB account(late 2011) for a car group i wanted to join but somehow i got hooked with everything else abt it and lately its gotten very annoying and even romantically dramatic with an ex (quasi)gf... damn it!... FB or anything similar is just not meant for people who like their privacy...

I understand completely,,, I wouldnt be on it but my family is spread far and wide and its far easier to keep in contact ,, also it has voice and cam,,,much less expensive than phone calls,,,:-)

There is always one thing that becomes the contemporary "in thing".. and as the word has it.. its always temporary. Since asking a HP no. the first instance is considered indecent, they generally ask for FB...

soon this too will pass.

I loved elateds answer on bottom. :)

I have a very VERY large and close family. (To the tune of 14 aunts/uncles not including their spouses and 32 first cousins alone) Most of them live in a small area in NorCa and I moved to Los Angeles 2 years ago. I agree that FB can be ridiculous with the dating, scamming, spam, "like" pages, hacking and the constant stream of personal crap that people imagine we want to read about BUT I will say that it has made keeping in contact with my family much easier. I'm 8 months pregnant and updating everyone personally on the pregnancy and changes in my life would be a full-time job. I still prefer a phone call, but realistically that's just not possible without forgetting someone. So FB isn't all evil :)

i'm only staying on it now because i have friends on there that i can only talk to on the site. if i could talk them any other way then i would leave straight away

I like to call it FAKEBOOK...

Well same story here too:-P<br />
Facebook is less of a friends/acquaintances talking but more of people showing their lives off in a comparatively larger way than it truly is.....<br />
Moreover its ruining young minds as almost everyone i know is hooked onto this site spending several hours on it....... well not realizing that they would have actually met their friends close by in that time or would have done or learned something productive....!<br />
God help us:-p

I totally agree with u! :)