Facebook Sucks.

i hate facebook, i hated hearing about everyone doing laundry, or how much they hate work, or why in the world do they need to tell people EVERYWHERE they go. Who cares. Also the lies on there, no one is themselves, i have seen so many of my friends and family lie on there, and the apps are insane the games suck, you have to have a million friends play the same game just to level up and you have to let the game have all your info and they send you thousands of emails a day and then sale your email to other companies and you get a million emails from all other places. The games freeze all the time and people obsess over the games all the send me this crap and i need this crap for the games. OH and the status shuffle was overly used, i had someone one day fill my WHOLE news feed up with those, and how they use facebook to invite you to a party or a get together instead of CALLING you or sending an invitation in the mail. Then get mad when you dont show up cause you didnt know to look on your facebook for a freaking party.. stupid. I hate facebook and all it has to offer. People get over your facebook it isn't all that, and no one wants to hear about the amount of laundry you have to do or all the places you need to go that day. The hackers and all the scam scares people pass around and the scammers posting stuff on your friends wall from you that is a virus and your dumb friends click on it and their computer messes up and they get mad at you when they should have seen the "RED" flags on the link. I am glad I deleted my facebook.
IamMe2011 IamMe2011
26-30, F
Jul 3, 2011