Facebook friends?

In all of my Facebook experiences, I have never made a single friend, I've only chatted one time, and have had ignored statuses.  And that's over and approximatly 3 year period.  I mean people don't realize what their missing out on because I'm a fly guy and people are imbeciles.  Anyway, peace out.
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2 Responses Jul 6, 2011

I know how you feel, I was pressured by my family to join facebook, and on the rare occasion I am on there, everyone of the ignores me anyway. Now I only go on there to message my cousins who live interstate, when I really need to get in touch with them. Other than that I am not sure how you can stop them going on about it, just tell them you have no interest and you don't want to hear about it anymore.

Get thrown off of facebook.<br />
Then they can't give you a hard time for not being on facebook.<br />
So before you get on facebook, find out what the TOS are and systematically violate every one...checklist, yanno.