Facebook Makes Me Ill

I'm in a real horrible situation with my Facebook account as 99% of the time it makes me depressed and down but then there's always the 1% that make things worth it and i don't know what to do for the best!
For example i use FB for publicising my artwork, well supposedly publicising my artwork, infact the majority of my 'friends' don't want to know, they'd rather 'LIKE' really banal rubbish comments..
Also I've noticed sometimes i can post a comment etc which gets absolutely no Likes but then one of my friends will re-post it a few days later and they will literally get 30 odd Likes...it's no good for someone who has virtually NO self esteem..
I also can't cope when people tag people's names in their status when they have all been out clubbing etc, as i just feel REALLY rubbish and left out...
i also have another ' friend' who asks for advice on their FB status and then when i leave advice they delete it, they may as well say 'i need everyone's advice but YOURS'

i TRY and deactivate my account but there's people i talk to on there that i'd really miss and i don't want to lose contact:(
twinkletastic twinkletastic
31-35, F
Sep 1, 2011