Hate Hate Hate.

I hate facebook. It's a tool for narcissism. The only things that are ever on there are people talking about themselves and how great they are. Self-centered pictures of chicks with boob shots filling page after page, so that all the world can see how ******* HOT they are, and page after page of ******** with no shirts off and a camera in hand, pointing toward the mirror so that they can show everyone else how totally studly they are.

Conversely, you have the emo ******** that never have anything good to say because life clearly sucks, god hates them, and they really need to just go die.

Grow the **** up, people!

These people are supposedly my friends and my family, and most of the time I can't even stand to see them on there. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Not only that, but FB is also filled with "games" (which incidentally keep people from the real world, where they can really be with their real, honest-to-god friends) that encourage everyone to be everyone's "friend" whether you know them or not. I've not seen a single game that isn't mind-numbingly repetitive and boring. Every single one has "challenges" that force you to come back for a specific duration (fifteen minutes before your strawberries are grown, anybody?) all throughout the day. Most of them have energy tickers that allow you to only do a certain amount of things before you have to either PAY to get more energy with your REAL money, or wait until you get it all back.

...and heaven forbid should your stupid ******* crops die before you have the energy to collect them.

**** you, facebook. The only reason I use you anymore is to try and open the eyes of people I know to the realities of this world.
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5 Responses Sep 4, 2011

You gave me confirmation of my distaste for it. I'm minimally active there.

I agree it can be such a ******* waste of time!! Specially those games they provide, so lame imho. <br />
<br />
YEAH, not to mention all the ***** out there I mean grow up!!!!! <br />
<br />
IT does have its positives tho, altho they are very minimal >:/

I agree fb is not a site you wanna be part of, but doesnt mean everyone on fb is idiots

well, facebook is just a site, it is the people who made it this way. people wanted to show off, people wanted to advertise, people want to compare.<br />
so be proud of yourself for not falling into this hole. but, don't let anger pull you to another.

Thanks for the comment. I'm not angry; rather, I'm disgusted. They're two completely separate emotions, believe you me. I well and truly can't be bothered with FB at all. The only reason I go on there anymore is to keep up with my family, since I've recently moved across the country from them.

disgust gets mistaken for a lot of things. my disgust was mistaken for jealousy.

Your a little het up over FaceBook but Its every one to each taste but I can sling a message on and most of my family and friends get it.Yes there are games but its up to individuals to play! Each pof us is unique so just cos your not into FB then don't abuse those who are!

You should join an I love Facebook experience. Clearly, if I liked it, I wouldn't be on the I HATE Facebook experience. Do what you want. This is MY experience. If you don't like it, you didn't have to come here and be confrontational over it. Just go somewhere where your views are the same as someone else's. Sheesh.