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Stupid Facebook

facebook is a stupid site...i dont kno why people send so much of their valuable time socialising..and trying frantically to create face book friends.. true relations never form on facebook.....wake up sure is useful for keeping in touch with ur old friends but for me..i think thats the only good thing about fb....
slimguy12 slimguy12 22-25, M 10 Responses Nov 17, 2011

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Lolz...........I agree with you but lil fun is needed in life:)...I love facebook :P

I agree every thing about that site is hey look at me

Yeah, no that's pretty true. I mean I do like it for the reason on keeping in touch with everyone I know but I mean, barely anyone interacts with me so it's kind of hard to want to be on there.

I personally like Facebook.... I have gotten to rekindle a couple of old friendships that I would never been able to rekindle without it.... I agree its also silly and gossip... but it has its purpose if used correctly.

just a silly gossip site

EP is another social network just like FB so... u must hate it as well !!!! D:

true..but its different...

Not at all. Just like FB it has attention ******, ppl trying to make thousands of friends. Also, ppl detecating time to write stories (hundreds of them) I have been here for a long time and it's just like facebook. I even came across stories which are fake sooo it's all the same c:

I can keep in touch with family members as scattered across UK and abroad,Also can keep in touch with friends,only friend people I know use to chat but the games are so boring

I think facebook is to be avoided if possible, and if anyone knows how to delete people I wd like to hear their technique because I cant find how to do that. However, it does have its good points, which is typical of life, shades of grey rather than being black and white! I can more easily stay in touch with what my family get up to, helps me to keep in touch and current. For me, that is the only good thing about it. It is very popular, so I realise that other people use it for different purposes that meets their needs for social contact. Not for me though.

The most hated by me is when people sent me the invitation of games.. at it made my notification was so full of **** invited games !

its gonna be ok though

It's a pile of **** run by Nazis

seig heil!! yes it some og the germans worst im german but not nazi om bonnie btw :) we need to stick positive and toget