Revealed! Why Facebook Is Popular In India

Gone are the days when people used to feel the most excited on getting a new job, or attending a birthday party. Nowadays, people are most ecstatic when they have something to post on Facebook – a photo, or a video or relationship status (from single to committed).
Agreed Facebook deserves all the success that it has achieved. It cruised ahead of Orkut even before the latter could realize that it was a hare that dozed off and the former was a tortoise who refused to snooze. Its young CEO is a shining example of a creative mind. But still the question that bothered me is that why Facebook is so popular in India. So I put my thinking cap on my head, and without using Google, tried to find out the reasons for its popularity in this billion-strong country.
Given my Einstein + Edison intelligence level, it didn’t take me long to figure out the reasons.
Man, it’s free! In a country where fuel is costlier than beer, and vegetables sell at the price of gold bars, people are bound to jump on something that is free of cost.
It’s a superb time killing tool for idle minds. The girl in my neighborhood chats for hours on her cell phone with her boyfriend, and when the chat is over, logs on to Facebook from the cell itself to check for any comments. Then again her boyfriend calls back. This goes on until she dozes off (but not before she updates her status to: Going to sleep).
For those who like to pass comments on anything that happens in the world, or at least with their friends, Facebook is the ideal place to be. What’s more, there are always few people who would ‘Like’ your comment, no matter how pathetic it was.
If you have got something new recently, be an iPad, bike or even a pair of socks, you can put a picture of it on Facebook. Rest assured, you will get a few likes even though no one actually cares whether you travel on a bike or a bullock cart.
People (like me) who have not yet lost their heart to anyone (or who didn’t find anyone interested in their heart) can spend time on Facebook checking love compatibility and friendship quotients. Moreover, girls that are usually found hanging out with some guy in real life are ‘single’ on Facebook.
You can send a friendship request to absolutely anyone and get away with it. What’s more, some pretty girl may even accept it, no matter where you actually stay or how you look.
If you are an ugly looking guy or girl, you can modify your snap on Picasa or Photoshop, and then upload it on Facebook. All pimples and dark spots disappear and you look no less than Brad Pitt or Kristen Stewart (depending on your gender).
With the arrival of Google+, I do not know how long Facebook will continue to be part of people’s life. Maybe, Facebook will still emerge as the tortoise that never snoozes. We Indians have the habit of trying to copy the western world, be it cinema or everyday lifestyle. As long as the western countries continue their love affair with Facebook, the social network should take it easy in India as well.
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HAHAHHAHAHA ur such a clever man!! Tell me was this whole story just a clever way to get ppl to add u on fb?? Hahahahah :ppp miss u btw!!

Lololol .. yes true .. posts vary from the sublime to the ridiculous as far as commentary is concerned. I have heard people say it is a singles hangout but for me it is a way to keep in touch with family. Each place serves its' own purpose. This one of annonymity on EP, facebook for family and google + for other groups of wonderful friends. I hope all survive for many, many years each in their respective places that have been earned after much work and toil and trouble by their creators and participants. <br />
<br />
Rick Steves' Europe - he is in Basque Country today he always takes such lovely trips. I love his program. Love learning about all places of the world. You can grow your own marijuana only for your own personal use there ! Shops to help you do so ! lolololol .. Probably all over Spain, they have bars that serve delicious food snacks and wine but he is in Gernika, Basque and talking about their offerings. Yum.. add this place to travel list of place to go before i die .. lolol .. Very beautiful place.

We need to remember it's a tool for communicating; you can't live your life online.

Hello eyes :) Loved your comments about Facebook. I always enjoy hearing what Indians think about everything so i look forward to reading more stories of yours .. Take care.. bedtime for me :) x hapi :)

It is such a shame that the web is starting to replace real life interaction . Though I have met some really interesting and wonderful people here , but I feel it is an addition to a real life that is rich and busy . I cant stand facebook or twitter . I had to laugh when I read the part in the post where you say the girl changes her status to sleeping . I have a friend that is constantly zoned out on either facebook or twitter I swear the girl will change status to tell everyone and anyone , when she sleeps , wakes up , takes a shower , goes for coffee.. *sighs* meanwhile her friends sit there waiting for her to join the convo .. lol<br />
<br />
sorry this comment was huge but I really liked your post =-D okay enough kitti out !

thanks dear for your sweet comment

LOL With that Einstein + Edison intelligence level ? YOU ROCK !

thanks my dear for your lovely comments!