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ok i live in the uk im in my late thirties.i do have a facebook account and yes i go on it from time to time.
i am just stunned what so many people are doing on it.if u use it properly ok so title may be slightly misleading.
however some people are updating their status about what they had for lunch dinner honest ....i cant believe it.
a good example, my cousin has left his woman for a younger girl good luck to him if that makes him happy.
however the his ex is posting crazy stuff on facebook slagging him off saying all men are the same they are garbage.
she is making such a fool of herself and the new girl must be laughing out loud over her. his ex says i am glad he is out
of my life are u meant to write personal stuff on facebook thats just making yourself look so stupid surely.
shes pissed of because she been dumped and she slagging him off while the new girl is writing o i have got a lovely new man
his ex says her kid threw up and she mopped up the sick.she got caught in the rain? i think she so childish and pathetic
if your life is so petty why dont u say how many times u have been to the toilet as well i think she is a psycho
defoekeane defoekeane
36-40, M
1 Response Apr 26, 2012

While reading your story I couldn't help but notice we have many groups in common I would like to be friends with you so if you like friend me and message me I also have a facebook if you like I would like to share it with you just say the word I will be waiting....You seem like a really nice guy and I would like to get to know you better I will be on all day so I hope to here from you later until then take care.