The Pros And Cons Of Facebook


1- Yeah you can meet interesting people on facebook but will you make any effort to meet them in person or establish a real relationship outside your computer screen? (Is this really a pro? :P)

2- You can set a good marketing campaign for a website or business.

3- Good way of attracting attention to your product.

4- You can raise awareness about any topic you want quite effectively.

5- You can invite other people from far places to join an event you plan (or start a revolution?)


1- Very distracting and very time consuming (you will check your facebook account like 100 times a day just because you are bored or not motivated enough to do anything useful!

2- You have to read 600 status updates (550 of them are suicidal notes or horrible news) and “like” 4000 photos and comment on 7000 post every freaking day and you are expected to keep your sanity a minute longer.

3- No one actually gives a damn about your birthday (should anyone care?) you find all kinds of fake greetings posted on your wall and most of them are sent by people you never knew or met in your entire life but your folks have to do so just because it will be rude not to or because it won’t cost them more than a mouse click! (Tip: try changing your birth day 3 different times in one year and I bet you will still get birthday greetings every time! Ah wallahi!!! )

4- That Awkward moment when your special someone doesn’t reply to your messages but updates their status!

5- You will do anything (no matter you care about it or not) just to get attention from people on everything you say, you will care too much about what people might think of you, you become obsessed with pleasing others and pandering to their interests just because you get so high when you see those red bubbles hovering over there, with time you might have a heart attack if one of your “peers” didn’t like that photo or comment on that video you shared, you become what other people like about the virtual you which is probably not reflecting your authentic true self, you forget about any great dreams or projects you may have just because it wouldn’t sound so cool to share with most of people.

6- You can be anyone you want on facebook without a trace, you only show your best qualities and hide the “imperfections” you think you have, and you create a fictional image of yourself and sell it on the market as if it’s your true self and guess what? many people will buy it too! You escape your life problems and become even more scared to face them (if you don’t already deny you have any), you become so afraid to be who you really are cause you are worried too much about being rejected.

7- Missing face-to-face contact may lead to misconception between partners that may sometimes lead to a serious damage in relationships, and in best cases you might spend your entire night trying to solve the riddles of the mysterious online behavior of someone you know since online interaction don’t necessarily reflect the real emotions or reactions of others which is something people like me can’t afford emotionally or mentally!

8- A great gap is created between your offline and online self in general.

9- The fact that you will miss many people you really care about after deleting your account. :(
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1 Response May 7, 2012

so there is only one pro if you're not there to promote anything, and that one pro is only potential anyway. sounds about right.