The Great Monster

I was glad to find a "hate Facebook" group, as I didn't know anyone agreed with me. I think Facebook is a monster because
1) it is trying to take over the world. There is a facebook button on almost every website, and many things you cannot do without a fb account
2) it devours time. Millions of hours wasted.
3) it messes with people's heads. People get all worried about what is done on fb, when none of it is real.
4) it promotes false presentations and deception. Check out "So Much Cooler Online" and then ask yourself how much posted on fb is actually tru.
5) it promotes a false reality. That's not the real world. People need to wake up and live.

I used to have facebook to keep in touch with friends, but as it has become a monster i think there are better ways.
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

Just today I came across a picture that said "Facebook is the new Hotel California. You can log out whenever you want BUT, you can NEVER leave".

This is true for me in a creepy way - while I don't use FB, I cannot disable my account, because I no longer have my log-on email. So I'm stuck there forever.

it become an addiction..people seek attention through facebook... but you still get connected and updated with your friends

1 sounds like the mark of the beast. a lot of things these days do, and the all-pervasiveness of facebook is certainly one of them.