Hurtful Comments

Sometimes people can be unnecessarily rude. It probably isn't anything personal, but it makes you feel bad and can ruin an otherwise perfectly good day or a relationship. I just wish I knew how to handle it.

I know sometimes you can't tell exactly what people mean through facebook comments. I was feeling pretty low the other day. My life is quite empty right now, and I am trying to get out there and make friends, but its hard as I have such an introvert personality.

I like taking time to talk to my friends who are so far away, even my own family. So on FB I posted "Partying at fallingRockCorey! You don't know what your missing!". One of my so-called family "nephews" who I haven't seen in about a month replied "You spelt it wrong It's FallingRockQuerry". Is it just me or does that seem like a grammer nazi? It hurts because, I have all kinds of mental disorders and this one would be "L.D." aka "Learning Disability." I was never very skilled with spelling correctly in my entire life but, I try so hard and I feel like people put me down on tiny little things such as grammer. I went through traumatic bully when I was in high school and go to therepy because it tore me down mentally as a child. Reliving those sitiuations just bring back unwanted flashbacks that just simply hurt. As long as he understood isn't that what matters? he does this all the time and haveing S.A.D. social anxiety disorder makes me think to hard on the subject to the point I break down crying and hating myself for even posting or making a facebook in the first place. And I know my nephew is young and just a kid but he has been very cold, hatefull, and mean to everyone. He's a bully is what I believe and he takes out his anger and fustration by posting mean comments that doesn't really relate to any of my posts. This has been going on a long while.

I will say I usually don't post negative things. But there's really nothing positive in my life to post about so actually I don't post a lot and when something positive dos happen in my life I post it.

When I did post that comment I customized it so only certain people could see it. Its hard going through a hard time and having nobody to reach out to only to attack you by pointing out your flaws.
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1 Response May 28, 2012

I quit facebook because of my 23 y/o daughter...she set the account up for me after I told her I wasn't interested. I went ahead and kept it going for a while, enjoying finding my old friends from high school, but I shut it down because she constantly aired dirty laundry on it. If she got mad at me for saying no to her, she would post nasty comments about my husband along with other not so nice things about me and anything else she decided to lay out for the world to see...needless to say it was humiliating!