Hating Fakebook.

I've been a member of Facebook for well over two friggin' years now, and I've managed to accumulate well over 100 friends on the stupid thing, but here's the thing -- I don't hear from any of them. And I haven't heard from anyone for about a year now. I'm seriously considering that I should just close down my account, because I'm not popular, and I'm definitely not wanted as a "friend". I can't seem to understand why all of these people have, at one stage, sent me a friend request, and yet, not one of them has wanted anything to do with me. I have closed down my account in the past, and do you think that anyone even noticed or cared? Quite the contrary.

It must be because I'm genuine about who I am, and not completely fake about my level of "popularity". I'm sorry I'm not cool enough, that people will automatically want to talk to me, invite to their events, etc. But the fact that I haven't heard from ANYONE in well over a year is beginning to really frustrate me. I just feel so lonely whenever I sign in. There could be well over 30 people online at a time, and I just don't hear from anybody. I only occasionally hear from the one person that I've added who has never physically met me in person. I must be the loneliest person on Earth.

I mean, I know people who get kind comments daily, and I know people who get messages when it's their birthday. But nobody seems to care about me in the slightest, and nobody really cares that I exist. I'm going through a friendless period in my life (and it definitely wouldn't be the first time, either). Why do I have to go through this intense isolation? Like nobody wants to chat or anything. It would be nice if I heard from someone at least ONCE in my life, but not having anyone to talk to makes me look like an even bigger loser, and as a result, I can't get anyone to chat to me.

I feel so depressed using Facebook. I'm just not part of the big CRAZE, and I'm not cool or popular enough to have any real company. I could update my status, and nobody comments on it, or clicks the "like" button. I feel like I'm hidden on a majority of news feeds. I remember a few years back, it was my 23rd birthday, and nobody even wished me a "Happy Birthday", in spite of all of the so-called "friends" I had in my friends list. I felt so depressed... Like no one even cares that I exist... When you're alone, Facebook makes you feel like crap, because it just makes things that much more obvious. I'm sick of hearing about how people from High School are successful in their careers, married, own their own houses and are now traveling around the world... However, I still live at home, and I'm currently single and jobless... On top of that, I don't have a single friend in the world.

I'm so tired of being alone. I've even reached out to several "loneliness" groups on the internet, only to discover that I wasn't exactly welcome there either. I just don't know what to do anymore. And I'm definitely considering that I should just close down Facebook, and become the only person in the world who has no use for it. After all, Facebook is a place for "friends" to connect with each other socially. And what's the use when you simply have no friends?
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2 Responses Sep 12, 2012

I feel the same way. I hate facebook also. If you ever need anyone to chat with you can always chat with me : )

You're welcome. : )

yes you are right ,I too have lots of friends on there ,but when I start to chat with any of them they say who are you ,or dont even reply

it is but on here they chat to u