Facebook Is A Drug That I Would Rather Not Continue To Use

I have known so many people that must be checking their FB page every second of the day, it is really sickening to me. My boyfriend and I deleted our FB pages because of all of the drama that I really did not want any part of. So we did and about a month ago he talked me into letting him start it again, big mistake...o sure you want to connect with old friends and family or rather are you bored in your own life and feel that you need to be talking to people you haven't talked to in years. You didn't talk before, why talk now.

Its super annoying and yes I have a FB page more to monitor the crap that my BF is doing...I personally think I need to rid my life of both.
1986Monica2012 1986Monica2012
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I hate having a facebook. My boyfriend talked me into it yet i can never go on it because of all the random crap he does and all the stupid things people post.