People Don't Actually Say Anything

I think everyone initially got into Facebook to connect with old high school friends or distant family - at least most older people out of high school/college did anyway.

But they you realize you have absolutely nothing in common with these people.

I posted a comment wherein I suggested maybe some tighter gun control laws might make us all a little safer (because clearly adding more guns on the streets hasn't seemed to work in the last twenty years).

All my old school friends went (pardon the pun) ballistic! They were outraged that I would suggest we should shred the Constitution and become a socialist slave nation were people are publicly executed for believing in Jesus!


Okay. I think I've had my fill of Facebook. The only posts my "friends" seem to post are regular updates about how they love Jesus and are Christians or posts in which they explain how much they hate Obama and/or how anyone making less than $30/k a year is a welfare bum that was spanked enough as a child.

So I think I'm going to go ahead and suspend my account indefinitely. I'm pretty sure I can live without the daily inspirational messages from devout Christians that hate Obama and think the solutions to all the sociological problems in the world boil down to more religion, more hollow point bullets and more beatings for children. 
niceguyinhell niceguyinhell
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

I did exactly the same thing. For me, it was finding out that my crush from high-school has grown into a dyspeptic platitude spouting slob. I do get lured back to play candy crush, only to leave again when people-I-used-to-know assault me with baby pictures :-s

KUDOS my friend ! I echo your sentiments . .