Only Need It For Skool, There Is No Other Way Of Contact

I HATE IT. AND I HATE HOW ATTACHED AM I TO CHECK IT EVERY 5 MINUTES AND HOW DISSAPOINTED I BECOME AFTER GOING ON THERE FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME AND FINDING MYSELF UNNOTICED AGAIN. i hate the fake faces and smilies people send each other. and all that fake crap about how much true friends love eachother. or how much this couple is deepy in love (then they brake up a week later) and get new boyfriends and everyone is like (ahh u guys are so cute together, its true love) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, like really stop lieing. I'M SICK OF ALL THE FAKE niceness. and how when you put a sad face or a sad status you get less notifications than when you put one of these cute happy pictures. it's like the fb logan is " I am ur fb friend and i'm only there for you when you show ur happy on fb, even if you're not. and if you're not happy, i don't even know you" AND ANOTHER THING THATS ANNOYING: THE STUPID FB RELATIONSHIPS AND FAMILIES. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, AGAIN!!!! You list a bunch on people as your cousins, father (who's actually ur friend), and the most annoying: WHEN 2 CLOSE FRIENDS OF THE SAME GENDER WHOM ARE NOT GAY SAY THEY'RE MARRIED OR IN A RELATIONSHIP, WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU DO THAT???? oh, and these "friends" who only contact you on ur birthday, LIKE THEY ACTUALLY CARE IF I HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY OR NOT, B**** u DON'T EVEN KNOW ME!!!! IF YOU DON'T WISH ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN SKOOL, DON'T WISH IT HERE. I AM TIRED OF SEEING THIS FB LIES EVERY TIME I OPEN!! No, the couples are NOT that in love, NO the friends are not that close, AND NO you're friend is NOT ur Uncle. AND NO! none of those people are actually there for you when you need them the most. AND EVERYBODY who is gonna read this knows deep inside EVERYTHING i said on here is true, U JUST DON'T WANT TO ADMIT IT! My biggest mistake was once believing all these lies, but when i actually need any of these "friends", they weren't there. Sure, what i have said so far applies to some people but not to others, but this is mostly the case. I AM REALLY SICK OF IT, BUT I HAVE TO KEEP IT TO CONTACT THESE "FRIENDS" WHEN WE HAVE A GROUP PROJECT OR SOMETHING, SINCE NO ONE OPENS THEIR EMAILS THESE DAYS. Other than that, I WOULD'VE DELETED MY FB RIGHT NOW!! I DON'T NEED ANOTHER SOURCE TO ADD TO MY MISERY, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH
Shamandora Shamandora
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 2, 2013

It's not you. Only the losers who think that they are really popular. I get on it only for one reason, and that I will keep a secret. I tried reaching out to the fake and the phony, but it doesn't phase me, because I know who I am and I can see who the really are. I regret even signing up with this crap, that's where all my problems began--on fb. :)

I wondered what all those 'families' were- people saying someone was 'married' when they were only 14/15/16.. I deleted my account ages ago. I hate the layout of it , and those stupid 'likes'. with the silly thumbs up logo. And if you are loking for new friends on there, no-one ever, or very rarely, accepts..'Hey , I don't know you- who are you ? are you some kind of pervert ?' etc,etc, is the reply when you request contact with someone you don't know. As if you are some kind of weird space creature, or monster from the black lagoon. ( is better for new friends- sorry to advertise here)

People say they're married all the time in my school to one of their friends. Of course they dont mean it literally and its just for fun...and i have to say, a little weird....I dont know exactly why they do it though. Its almost like its just the latest "fad" the 'pet rock' thing almost

Wow. awesome rant. so true, so true