I Really Really Hate Facebook

don't you just hate facebook and those attention seekers who post every single **** they do in their lives or is it that they have so much to share with the world ...they look so happy as if they have achieved everything in their lives...sigh...i feel like a loser...
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Facebook is horrible!!!

Don't feel a looser. You either join them or ignore them. Personally I didn't see the value of Facebook, I only got on it to keep in touch with friends and family overseas, but with time it really annoyed me, esp when you knew people where ignoring me cause they wanted to play power games, so I deleted the whole thing and never looked back. My friends and family got really pissed, when I did this but so what, why didn't they respond to me to begin with. I also found Ep and enjoy reading and commenting on real peoples experiences. Thats my little story with useless stalkerville facebook.

haha yeah it's true! Generally friends, relatives spend most of their time airbrushing their pics or playing those games every other day instead of actually keeping in touch with people XD

If I have something really important to say I type it in their inbox now :D