Facebook, Is It Really A Good Thing?

I wonder about facebook. I am one of the few(I know I know, don’t judge me) but few people who isn’t on facebook. I don’t know, I feel I’m in touch with the people that I want to be in touch with and I’m a rather private person. However, whenever I go on facebook (vis a vis someone else’s account) it seems it is there really only to brag, and sometimes I end up feeling badly about the whole experience. I mean it seems like all photos posted are of vacations that others can’t really afford. Or there are posts of people having way more fun than you ever have. No one ever posts things like, I’m confused about life. Or I’m having a ****** day. Simply, look how great I am, and all the great things I’m doing, and you aren’t!? Am I the only person that feels this way?
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I completely agree, I hate facebook, it makes me really uncomfortable. Everyone brags on it, most if it is lying. it also makes me feel really insecure.

I used to have a facebook (dramabook) account and it sucked!! So glad i closed my account. Makes no sence for all that drama online

I am a Facebook holdout. I agree with you.
1- I don't give a crap what any one else is doing!
2-I have no desire to announce to the world what I am doing!

Case closed. Lol

I agree. My life is my buisiness, I still prefer to write cards, letters and pick up the phone and make a call.