No Facebook, No Friends

It is hard enough for me to make friends and those I have are all on Facebook. Facebook was always that beacon of my failures in the friendship area, how am I supposed to meet the thousand friend quota?! BUT was it really? I never was in the loop with the social networking scene anyway and being 22 that puts me in the minority surely. But that is okay, I should congratulate myself for never succumbing to the madness. To all the Facebookers out there one thumb up but I will continue passing. My girlfriend’s phone chimes with enough of notifications for the both of us!
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2 Responses Jan 31, 2013

You would be surprised where you can meet friends. There are places other than facebook where you can spark up a friendship. But the best way is the real world where you see people in the flesh. You can do it. But I understand, I'm the same way. If you wanna exchange stories, I'm cool with it but if not, it's fine either way. Just don't give up. There are people out there that you will meet. And if it helps, just try other social networking sites. You might meet friends there.

Thanks for the advice. It is easy to stay comfortable in my own bubble, but I won't give up. I would be delighted to exchange stories!

I do not have Facebook :) I think it is way better to make friends and talk to people in the real world :P

You're right physical entities are must better than intangible personas. The warmth radianting from someone or the candor of someones voice . . . those are things to relish. Thanks and don't be a stranger :]

You are after my own heart... :P and I'm the same as inspirasian if you want to exchange stories then don't be a stranger :)