Why I Left (And You Should Too, If You Want)

Okay, okay, I know this is probably a weak case against Facebook but regardless, I'm going to state my reasons anyway for why I left. The first reason is that there are people out there that you just don't want to know or keep up with for personal reasons and on certain levels. I'm sorry but there are certain dramas that just shouldn't be exposed to you. If it involves you, it's obvious that you can't avoid it because you were there to experience it. But if it involves a side of someone's life that renders to be embarrassing, raw and dirty, or shocking, then it's best you stay away from that kind of thing. That's the one big problem with Facebook in my opinion: drama. It spreads like wildfire. And I didn't want any involvement with it.

The second reason being, is that if you're like me, who has his own problems and is wanting to reshape and refresh their life with a better starting point, Facebook only worsens your emotional state. You will end up looking up other people's profiles and can't help but compare and feel envy about the facade of happiness that they project through their posts, photos, and shared medias. They rack up the likes and comments on all of them, yet your own posts barely scratches the radar on their news feed as being noticeable. It's a bit of a popularity race on Facebook. At least that's what happens when your friends start infecting your news feed by the flood of responses and replies they receive in attention to what they share and post. Believe me, you don't want to get involved where you try to compete for attention on that site, it turns you into something less that you deserve for yourself. Providing attention through yourself as opposed to acquiring them from others on Facebook is better. You're the only person who can understand and care for you best.

The third reason is privacy of course. And this goes along with staying in the realm of reality. The fact of the matter is, the majority of the people on Facebook you don't see on a regular basis outside of the site. If you only added friends on Facebook from people that you hang out with in the flesh, I guarantee you that the friend number is less than 20. Likely less than 10 even. There's no way that you hang out with all 400+ people from the site in the real world. Get real. It's best to stick to the ones that you know, because you've been with them in reality, in the flesh. Human interaction is best when it's face to face, in my opinion at least. When you're on Facebook anything that you share on there can be seen by a majority--if not, all--of your Facebook friends. The only way to counter this is if you individually privatize and customize your posts as to who sees them. There are certain information that you want to keep at a certain level, but in the real world, having 5 close friends that you can trust and keep your business closed and not repeat it to spread is better than 500 people on Facebook than can see what you just posted not knowing what their thoughts and opinions are about what you just revealed. They could spread that news to other people for all they care, and it's too late for you to stop that once they spread it like wildfire.

Fourth reason, is that not having a Facebook account gives a sense of personal focus for yourself. You have a life outside of Facebook and that's the best thing you can provide for yourself. Take up some hobbies that you have lost. Do things for yourself that you like but never had the chance to. Reconnect with the activities that you lost but used to make you happy, that were substituted by things such as Facebook. Meet and befriend people in the real world (just make sure to say "No" if they ask if you have Facebook). Nothing beats fresh air. You need nitrogen and oxygen to breathe and live, and Facebook isn't going to provide those for you. Give yourself the chance to contemplate productively about your own life. Again, real world experiences and interactions is the best and oldest form of human connection. Leaving Facebook gives you the chance to move on with your life.

As a bonus, if you don't have Facebook, it provides as a test of who is really there for you when you've "gone" away, so to speak. If they manage to stay in touch with you after you have left the social network site, then you know they're good to keep around. And there's other ways of people to communicate and reach to you besides Facebook. Closing your account also serves as a sort of dependability and reliability test for your "friends" on that site. If they move on without you, then you ought to do likewise. Same goes if they managed to keep you around in their life. Just realize people come and go through our lives, and we only keep the ones that want to keep us.

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Deym! This is probably the best ' I Hate Facebook' story i've read so far.... Its all so true

So true I feel exactly everything you are saying, I am going to deactivate my facebook this weekend, Just today I seen a status saying "I look at other peoples lives and feel so low compared to other peoples lives on here" I mean that is some one that is comparing their lives to some one elses via facebook and is getting jealous over it? Facebook is just one big place where people show off to one another and people compare their lives to others,It's like a popularity contest it's not what it was originally set up to be,People need to learn and know there is more to life than facebook,Lamebook it's filled with fakes and posers that's all it is

I deleted mine because I realized that that's what it turned me into. It made me seek attention and I hated that feeling.


Well said, and so very true! I deactivated my fakebook account and i am never going back to that insane place if i can help it!

Well said, and so very true! I deactivated my fakebook account and i am never going back to that insane place if i can help it!