Big Surprise

Last week I found or should I say my husband finally confessed to having a facebook account and this is after I have been asking for over two years.
A few years ago, I'll say like 6 years ago I openend a facebook account but didn't add pictures and etc and forgot about it and as a result I was locked out from it. Because I never used it I didn't miss it.
But at least once a week I would get an automated messages from facebook asking me if I knew my husband, so I would ask him, "are you sure you don't have a facebook account? " and for two years he said "no". Until last week. Liar!!!!
He said he was afraid of my reaction if I found out and that's why he kept it a secret. And that he keeps it in order to keep in touch with relatives. Sure.
Now everytime he feels that I'm being "cranky" or "moody" he heads for his laptop and punishes me by getting on facebook.
My opinion is that people who need to have their ego stroke are in facebook and in many ways depend on it, outside approval must be very important to their self esteem.
I on the other hand, even though I struggle with deoression, try to keep strong by feeding my mind positive thoughts and inspirational lessons and outside approval is not important.
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2 Responses Jan 31, 2013

so now you know that he lies

My partner of six years, had a secret facebook account, he used it to keep in touch with lots of other women and pretend that I didn t really exist, I was devastated when I find out the extent of his deception, I lost trust not just in him, but sort of in everyone.