Taking A Timeout

Im taking a timeout from my main Facebook page. I have a Fake account so I can look at companies products and reviews. I'm tired of all the competition that takes place on Facebook. Too many attention grabbing people. I'll admit that I've posted stuff that has annoyed and pissed people off. People share too much information on kids. When those kids get older, Im sure that they are going to be real excited to know that their life stories were displayed on Facebook for world to see. I use Twitter now. Twitter is just different.
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3 Responses Feb 3, 2013

Well put! I had someone tell me I should be on Facebook everyday! No thanks!

Sorry about the typos and long post, I was venting I'm using my phone auto touch and it spells out the wrong words.

I feel you. Fakebook is a popularity contest site, I haven't posted nothing on my page since new year's eve. I just came back from my mini break yesterday...I didn't post anything I player a few games...I didn't even want to log back on fakebook for awhile. The last time I posted something on my wall it was dec 31st 2012...it was a music video, nobody liked or comment as usual...when I post music videos or funny videos from youtube, i like to add my little humor or 2 cents in my status along with the video link....sometimes I post pics of myself and of other things I like, most the time I'm ignored on whatever I post. And most people on there say dumb and very personal things on there, and get tons of likes and comments....why am I even wasting my time on cliquebook?! I wash not even planing on loggin on that site for a long time. I even stop checking my yahoo emails, I let it pile up. So weeks and weeks went by....so I decided to check my yahoo mail, and a few pages down my yahoo mail, I get lovely notificatons from fakebook, saying I have a post from myself on my wall and another one saying that I have 1 poke 1 friend request and 5 photo tags...I shall these in my email about 6 times every other day. So I'm like thinking who requested me and poked me and photo tagged me? I didn't get that email they picture would have showed up along with that email that they kept sending me. Then I rememberd, I had a request from someone I didn't accept yet,they are still waiting for my approval....and the poke is from a guy I didn't like back, which was over a year ago. The photo tag i don't know unless it wash me tagging myself in pics. So I was curious, that's when I logged into bullshit fakebook....I had one red number at the top where the globe is and it was nothing that i had saw in my emails it was some birthday calender request. It was a trick to lot back on they got me but never again if i don't see no price or their name in the email I will not be logging on.