It's just an onlie version of keeping up with the Joneses,You post something then half an hour later your friend from high school all those years ago or your nosy neighbour posts something smiliar,You pose for a photo a certain way next photo that pops up they doing the same pose you done,You go on holiday next thing your facebook friends are on holiday,You get a new car they get a new car,You get pregnant they get pregnant you get married they get married and it's an ongoing circle of who's keeping up with who or who's living the better life than who and who's got the most likes or more friends,Keeping up with the Joneses 2014 style if you've got it flaunt it on facebook lol
MrGray69 MrGray69
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 16, 2014

I never knew the world was so narcissistic until facebook. I always tried to lead a life of quiet integrity and never bragged. Found it easier to talk about the ridiculous thing(s) that I did. But then I see everyone is into self promoting and addicted to it, and POSTING. I could not find it in me to post pics of my life, and its a nice one. To me, it is a shame that it exists because the negative aspects outweigh the positive and escaping it is almost impossible. Even if you do not participate, you have people ask "ARE YOU ON FACEBOOK?!?!" I always want to say "why, so you can spy on my life and add me to your circle of hell?" Its a particularly evil site.